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East Winston Community Garden Group Project Fall 2013

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Final Permaculture Design Certificate Course project for the fall 2013 We Are All Farmers Permaculture Institute PDC. We Are All Farmers' PDCs focus on sites in need and permaculture design certificate students devised designs and plans for this site themselves, using Bill Mollison's Permaculture, A Designer's Manual, as a guide. The design represents the cumulation of their work on understanding the principles of permaculture designs and the techniques, but even more importantly, serves as a chance to work together as community, pro bono, within the community with a real design client. This hard “we” work is essential for creating permanent and regenerative culture, and that is the hard work of creating and sustaining local and regional community.

In brief, people are the “culture” part of permaculture. “Permanent” is the goal of the technical practices. A culture of one is not a culture just as technical practices do not make permanent culture.
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East Winston Community Garden Group Project Fall 2013

  1. 1. East Winston Community Garden
  2. 2. Handicapped Accessible Beds These should be integrated in the same area or close to the rest of the hugel beds. This will contribute to the community integration and help you serve more of your community members. The optimal reach zone for wheelchair users is 20"-40“ high.
  3. 3. Arbors These allow opportunity to grow fruits and vegetables vertically. Can be used to delineate walking paths along the garden. These will provide shade in the garden area and will retain moisture in the soil.
  4. 4. More Plants Strawberry Growing strawberries vertically. This is much more space-efficient than growing them the regular way, and could also be at least partially handicapped accessible. The optimal reach zone for wheelchair users is 20"40“ high.
  5. 5. Community Building / Learning Events -Teen Farmers Market -Canning Classes -Cooking classes -Conventional and natural building classes -Cooking Classes -Talent Show -Storytelling
  6. 6. Resources Canning - The National Center for Home Food Preservation: - Ball Fresh Preserving: - Pick Your Own: Raised Beds - Hugel Beds - Lasagna Gardening: - Square foot gardening: Grants - Fiskars Project Orange Thumb: For community gardens. Prizes include $5,000 in cash and garden tools, and complete garden makeover. Application deadline is 12/31/13
  7. 7. Resources Composting - - - Materials - - - Habitat for Humanity Stores