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Automated Provisioning, Management & Cost Control for Kubernetes Clusters

  1. Automated Provisioning, Management & Cost Control for Kubernetes Clusters In partnership with:
  2. 2 Webinar Platform - FAQs Using Zoom • You are in listen only mode • This webinar is being recorded • Q&A session will follow the presentation, please use the Q&A panel to submit questions • Hit escape to exit full screen • Slides and recording will be shared after the webinar Technical Issues - please visit Zoom Help
  3. 3 Andrew Dawson Solutions Engineer Kubecost Andrew, a Solutions Engineer at Kubecost brings years of industry knowledge specializing in Cloud Cost Optimization, Cloud Solutions Engineering and Customer Solutions Engineering. He currently works in a pre-sales role tackling customer engagements head on while finding creative and intuitive solutions to better the Kubecost customer adoption experience. Leo Murillo Principal Solutions Architect Weaveworks Leo brings wide-ranging industry perspective, with over 20 years of experience building technology and leading teams all the way from Startups to Fortune 500s. He is passionate about cloud native technologies, organizational transformation and the open source community. As Principal Partner Solutions Architect at Weaveworks, he focuses on helping solve application and infrastructure delivery challenges on Kubernetes at scale. Speaker introductions
  4. 4 ● Why you should pay close attention to FinOps ● Weave GitOps Enterprise - Cluster Management and Templating Capabilities ● KubeCost - Kubernetes Native FinOps for the Cloud ● Streamlined and Ensured GitOps + FinOps Demo! Agenda for today
  5. 5 Trends: - A growing number of clusters. Team and tenancy isolation via individual clusters, multi stage cluster delivery and cluster fleets are just a few of the reasons behind Enterprises having to provision and deploy an ever increasing number of clusters. - Developer Platforms for self service Accelerating access to infrastructure and services is key to developer experience and to reduce the burden on infrastructure, platform and DevOps teams. FinOps with a growing number of clusters How do we accomplish these while keeping visibility and control of costs?
  6. 6 A Kubernetes Native Platform for delivery, policy and lifecycle management of clusters and cloud native applications applying the GitOps Operating Model What is Weave GitOps Enterprise?
  7. 7 Today we’re going to focus on two features Templates A GitOpsTemplate bundles any number of Kubernetes resources under a single object. These resources can be customized during deployment using Parameters, Variables, Conditions and Metadata. GitOpsTemplates are a great tool for teams building platforms where opinionated stacks are made available to teams.
  8. 8 Today we’re going to focus on two features Clusters A Cluster is a… well… Cluster. Clusters are centrally managed and observable in the Weave GitOps Enterprise UI, and the desired state for all clusters is kept in Git. Clusters can be provisioned in any infrastructure for which a CAPI provide exists. We will use a GitOpsTemplate to provision a Cluster, automatically provisioned with KubeCost and preconfigured to be federated against our management cluster.
  9. 9 Let’s talk real quick about GitOps and the Weave GitOps Enterprise Architecture
  10. 10 App Team workspaces App Management Cluster App Leaf Cluster Profile Policy Management Management UI Weave GitOps Enterprise Kubernetes Cluster Management UI Management UI Multi Cluster Installer (CAPI) Weave GitOps Enterprise Kubernetes Weave GitOps Enterprise
  11. 11 Desired State Store all code and configuration Actual State Runtime environment Automation Single interface to operations App Runtime Env App
  12. 12 Revert Any change ● Any change to the system will diverge the ‘desired state’ from the actual state ● We can always return to our previous known good value - every change is automic kubectl apply Prod Cluster Automatic or Manual Response App App
  13. 13 Manual Approval Repository Move fast and don’t break things ● Represents the entire state of the system - platform, services and applications ● We can easily inspect changes ensuring they meet standards ● We can over-ride and put in guard rails to protect the system ● Revert changes to return to an earlier known good state Control Locked parts Alert Pull Request Inspect Audit Manage App Prod Cluster App
  14. Who is Kubecost? • Founded in 2019 by ex- product manager and engineer. • Open Source + Enterprise model. • Purpose-built for Kubernetes
  15. Challenges Kubernetes Users Face: Visibility Optimization Governance What’s been charged so far? How do make the infrastructure more cost efficient? Ensure ongoing costs are tracked and reported
  16. How Kubecost helps: Cloud Services In-Cluster Shared Costs 1. CPU 2. Memory 3. Storage 4. GPU 5. Network For example, RDS, S3, BigQuery, AzureSQL Shared overhead, software, logging, monitoring, etc.
  17. 17 Demo
  18. 18 Q&A (Please use the Q&A panel to submit a question)
  19. 19 Whitepaper: Trusted Application Delivery Learn more about Weave GitOps and a 5 min demo Request a personal demo Thank You
  20. More Information: Documentation: View our GitHub projects: Join us on Slack!(QR)