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Digital Data Tips Tuesday #1 - Tag Management: Martijn Visser - ING

#ddtt #1 Keynote by Martijn Visser - How he managed the tag management implementation at ING

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Digital Data Tips Tuesday #1 - Tag Management: Martijn Visser - ING

  1. 1. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   1   Welcome Tag Management at ING Martijn Visser Technical Web Analyst ING Nederland
  2. 2. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   2   Innovates tools and processes so analysts and online marketeers are able to generate quicker and better insights is known at ING and beyond as the knowledge centre for all digital customer behaviour Proactive sharing of insights to increase omni- channel sales & service Frank Piels (intern) Ingrid Uitendaal Joël de Haan Kevin Anderson Maarten Schavemaker Maaike Plieger Martijn Visser Win Yan Man About Digital Analytics Team Past Present Future 1 2 3
  3. 3. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   3   ING background: Mobile Banking App My ING There must be a better way…
  4. 4. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   4   Tag Management! How can I get a TMS at a bank? Stakeholders: Management Privacy Security Risk Legal IT Architects (Online) marketeers Product owners & more…
  5. 5. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   5   Start: with identifying your problems (1/3) Goal: buy-in 1.  No standardized measurements 2.  Inconsistent IT approach 3.  Limited user experience Why: are they problems for your company? (2/3) •  Incorrect measurements mean no insights •  Higher costs •  Lower sales and service •  No IT/privacy control •  No optimized user experience
  6. 6. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   6   Suggest: What is a solution? (3/3) •  Suggest a general solution, not a vendor •  Never “bypass IT” My approach: 1.  No big bang, let me prove myself 2.  IT feels in control, checks & balances built in 3.  Match your stakeholder Bonus: use a metaphor Deep dive: ‘what’s in it for them’ But… TMS… It could bring the site down! Matches our architecture, kill switch Anyone could add tags! User rights management, process optimization, security & audit logging, What happens to the data? Provides us with total control over which data gets send to which system After buy-in from management: •  Talk to each stakeholder individually •  Add them to your project group •  Use their concerns as a TMS solution
  7. 7. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   7   Group: find the best tool with your projectgroup •  Create a projectgroup with all involved stakeholders •  Identify required functionality & questions for TMS •  Search for vendors & organize a Request For Proposal •  Do a Proof of Concept •  Make a decision based on the determined requirements Group Identify RFP POC Choose POC: Make it happen Create use-cases: •  When is the website successful? •  Which information do I need? •  When does it need to be sent? Test them!
  8. 8. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   8   Past Present Future 1 2 3 Ensighten ING selected: •  Matches our architecture, security, risk & legal requirements •  Support for current and future implementations •  Native app libraries •  Enterprise support
  9. 9. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   9   How: did we get Ensighten implemented? •  Code implemented •  Re-used POC use-cases •  Stay on top Finalize: show what you can! Data layer analytics targetingcustomer experiencepersonalization Mobile Banking App My ING
  10. 10. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   10   Which problems did I solve? •  Scroll tracking •  Single Page Applications •  Video •  Call Me Now Past Present Future 1 2 3
  11. 11. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   11   Data layer analytics targetingcustomer experiencepersonalization Callcenter Mobile Banking App My ING Branches What’s next?
  12. 12. Mar$jn  Visser  -­‐  #DDTT  Tag  management   May  6th  2014   Digital  Data  Tips  Tuesday  -­‐  Amsterdam   h?p://digitaldata.$ps   12   Questions? @martijnvisser82