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16 Ways in Which a Coach Can Help Grow Your Freelance Business

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Here are 16 ways in which a coach can help you build your freelance business. And yes, every observation is expressed in exactly 25 words.

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16 Ways in Which a Coach Can Help Grow Your Freelance Business

  1. 1. 16 Ways in Which a Coach Can Help Grow YourFreelance Business (Presented in exactly 25 words each.)
  2. 2. Yes, each of these observations isexpressed in exactly 25 words. (Don’t as me why. I forgetwhy I started out doing it this way.)
  3. 3. “Sometimes the hardestthing in the world is torecognize ones ownstrengths. A goodbusiness coach canshow you what your keystrengths are.”
  4. 4. “When you work foryourself at home, youare truly alone, and canbenefit enormously fromthe external structureand discipline a coachcan provide.”
  5. 5. “Sometimes you needhelp to break open oldways of thinking thatare fixed in your mind,and cannot bedismantled withoutsome outside coaching.”
  6. 6. “A good coach can takeyou beyond the dailygrind of pieceworkcopywriting and helpyou turn your writingtalents into a long-term,residual income.”
  7. 7. “A coach is the personwho raps your knuckleswhen you dont followup on tasks that willhelp build and improveyour freelancebusiness.”
  8. 8. “You may know how youwant to position yourbusiness, but unless youwrite a strongpositioning statement,your prospects wontget the right message.”
  9. 9. “If nothing else, a goodcoach can help youtackle the issue of howyou price your work,and help yousubstantially increaseyour fees.”
  10. 10. “A good coach can helpyou rediscover and thenachieve businessdreams from your pastthat somehow got lostwhen "life got in theway.”
  11. 11. “One hour with a coachcan help you see thedirection you reallywant to take with yourfreelance business,perhaps for the firsttime.”
  12. 12. “A good freelancebusiness coach will helpyou put asidedistractions and focusyour attention on whatmatters most to you,both professionally andpersonally.”
  13. 13. “When you work with acoach, you enjoy thebenefits of working witha mentor, advisor,investigator and ardentsupporter – all at thesame time.”
  14. 14. “While you focus ondoing great work now,your coach is taking thelong view and steeringyou towards a moreprofitable and fulfillingfuture.”
  15. 15. “The fastest way a goodcoach can help you is byshowing you somethingyou already know aboutyourself, but have neverseen clearly before.”
  16. 16. “There is enormousvalue to be had fromhaving a trusted,experienced coach atyour side who is focusedtotally on helping youachieve success.”
  17. 17. “A few coachingsessions on your pricingstrategies can not onlydouble your income forthe year, but alsotransform how you growyour business.”
  18. 18. “Being just a fewdegrees off in thedirection you take yourfreelance business canmake the differencebetween becoming aleader and getting lost.”
  19. 19. Learn more aboutmy coaching servicefor freelance writers and copywriters.