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Outsourcing to India: Everything You Need to Know

  1. Why is India One of The Finest Outsourcing Destinations?
  2. India is a technology hub. Enterprises all over the world have put their trust in Indian IT outsourcing companies to meet their technological needs. So, do you want to outsource as well to India? Let’s continue reading. Source:
  3. What is Outsourcing? The practice of contracting out services or work tasks to a third party, providing the service of custom software solutions is referred to as outsourcing. Source:
  4. Cost-Cutting Measures Outsourcing allows businesses to cut expenses on recruitment, infrastructure, and training development by leveraging the knowledge of low-cost external teams. Adaptability to Scale Companies that outsource have the ability to grow up or down quickly as their current project requirements dictate. Why do businesses outsource? Source:
  5. Time to Market Outsourcing companies in India are noted for completing projects with a shorter turnaround time, resulting in a shorter time to market. Outsourcing reduces the time to employ by 40-50%, resulting in faster time to market. Availability of New Technology When it comes to developing technologies like cloud computing and big data, businesses prefer to outsource. They believe that outsourcing is less expensive than training an in-house team. Why do businesses outsource? Source:
  6. Agility Outsourcing allows businesses to become more nimble by responding rapidly to changing business demands. Why do businesses outsource? Source:
  7. Types of Outsourcing It is the process of contracting out specific business tasks & services to a third-party vendor based in the same country. Onshore outsourcing ensures fewer cultural barriers and ease of communication; yet, it often results in high expenses and a limited pool of talent. Onshoring It is the process of having work completed by a third- party provider in a nearby country at a comparable time zone. Nearshoring, like onshoring, ensures fewer cultural differences; yet, when compared to offshore, nearshoring costs more. Nearshoring It is the process through which a company relocates certain business tasks to another country. The offshoring firm provides infrastructure, support & offshore resources that work directly with the client. Offshoring Source:
  8. Numbers That Show India Is Better Than Everyone Else Here are some statistics and figures showing India outperforms the others regarding software development outsourcing. According to the A.T. Kearney 2019 Global Services Location Index, India is the world’s top outsourcing country. 1 80% of European and US outsourcing corporations selected India as the number one location for outsourced IT services. 2 According to a recent Deloitte survey, 59% of organizations are already outsourcing to India and 22% are expecting to do so in the future. 3 Source:
  9. 1 One of the key reasons why businesses want to outsource their projects to an IT outsourcing services company is the availability of a big and diverse pool of skilled labour. India will have the world’s largest developer base by 2024. Access to an Extensive Talent Pool 2 Software development businesses in India that provide online, mobile, and custom software solutions have cutting-edge development centres outfitted with cutting-edge technology. IT Infrastructure of World-Class Quality 3 India is presently the world’s second-largest English-speaking country. Thus, developers and engineers in India not only have technical talents but also outstanding communication skills. Communication that is Seamless Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing to India Source:
  10. 4 By outsourcing to software development businesses in India, you save money on office space, infrastructure, and team training development, resulting in considerable savings in business expenses. Cost Savings 5 The Indian government has policies that are beneficial to the IT industry. The IT Act and laws in India promote the growth of the IT industry and make it easier for foreign firms to engage with an Indian IT outsourcing services company. Government Policies That Are Beneficial Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing to India Source:
  11. Factors to Consider: Outsourcing to India Vs. In-House Development Factors Outsourcing to India In-House Development Cost Low (because of India's low resource costs and lack of investment in infrastructure, training, and recruitment) High (since you need to pay for recruitment, monthly compensation, training, infrastructure & more) Time to Market Faster (as you receive rapid access to approved and skilled specialists) Slow (since employing an in-house resource can take months) Scalability It is undemanding It is Demanding Tech Expertise Access to new technologies It is Limited Staff Turnover It is High It is Low Communication Smooth Communication Due to time zone differences. and language barriers, there may be a communication gap. Source:
  12. Most Popular Outsourced IT Services in India? Mobile App Development One of the most common reasons for outsourcing Mobile app development nowadays is that the world is drowning in smartphones and smart apps. Outsourcing service providers can help you with native app development or cross-platform app development swiftly and easily. Web Development Many businesses outsource their web development needs to Indian software development firms. It covers UI/UX design, website design and development, mobile app development, and other services. Software Development India is a global leader in IT outsourcing. Outsourcing software development, app development, and web development to India can help multinational organizations fill talent shortfalls. Source:
  13. Most Popular Outsourced IT Services in India? Information Technology (IT) IT outsourcing is quite frequent in software outsourcing. You can also refer to them as IT outsourcing. As a result, it is required to train individuals & build the appropriate infrastructure. Enterprise Solutions To accelerate their digital transformation journey, businesses outsource many enterprise solutions, including legacy app modernization, maintenance & support, migration, testing & integration. Customer Support Services Customer support services are the last but not least prevalent industry for outsourcing services. They will have all of the dedicated people and technology needed to deliver 24-hour service. Source:
  14. Examine Proven Track Records The second thing to remember is to keep track of the company’s growth figures. Examine the company’s performance over the last few years to discover where it stands. How Can I Find Reliable Outsourcing Companies in India? Define Your Project’s Needs Before you begin looking for the appropriate IT outsourcing company, make a general plan of where you want to go. You’ll know if you need a partner or if an advisor or support is sufficient. Online Marketplaces When it comes to finding offshore outsourcing partners, some of the most obvious options might yield the best results. You can look for people based on their talents, geography, category, services, and reviews. Keep your data and intellectual property safe Signing an NDA is a surefire way for organisations to protect and safeguard their data. The NDA easily conceals your trade secrets, intellectual property rights, code details, and other information. Source:
  15. What Can WeblineIndia Do for You? WeblineIndia is the most prominent software development firm based in India & USA. WeblineIndia provides a variety of software development services to businesses of all sizes and sorts. Expertise in a variety of technologies, including .NET, PHP, Java, Python, iOS, Android, and hybrid frameworks. Source:
  16. Conclusion Source: People are concerned about outsourcing as a result of the outbreak of the pandemic. Following the pandemic, IT outsourcing was completely upended. As a result, the Indian IT outsourcing business will almost certainly witness an increase in revenue in the coming years.
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