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getlokal App presentation - Droidcon Eastern Europe

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my presentation at Droidcon, Android developers conference: - content of the presentation was aimed for developers, highlighting challenges I got from managing this project.

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getlokal App presentation - Droidcon Eastern Europe

  1. 1. getlokal app goes global Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc
  2. 2. app: 1 year • developed 100% in Romania • launched v1.0 October 2012 • launched v.2.2 October 2013 • 20k total downloads (iOS + Android) Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc
  3. 3. getlokal metrics • country sites + mobile app • offices in 4 markets: Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia • gradually deploying features on a global site/app • 89k+ registered users and 0.5M uniques, 1M pageviews each month on the sites Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc
  4. 4. overview • mobile interface for site operating in 4 countries • app in 5 languages (local language + english) • add a place works from all over the world Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc
  5. 5. challenges • create UX that is not iOS nor Android standard • make iOS and Android similar UX • optimize web-service for speed • testing testing testing Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc
  6. 6. performance Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc
  7. 7. “looks like a local guide to find restaurants?” -- Phil Libin, CEO Evernote, about getlokal app icon Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Thank you. Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc
  10. 10. Thank you. Mihai Dragomirescu @webmyc