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Search Engine Optimisation - The Next Generation

SEO workshop presented at Digital Kent event in folkestone on 17/04/13 by Josh Whiten. Search Engine Optimisation has changed immensely in the last 12 months. Discover which of the latest techniques are getting best results from the SEO experts at Webscape and see how implementing simple SEO techniques can unlock fantastic ranking improvements in search engine results for your website.

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Search Engine Optimisation - The Next Generation

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimisation... ...the next generation Image Copyright Paramount Pictures
  2. 2. So what is SEO? Image Copyright Jason J Smith
  3. 3. Some see SEO... a Dark Art Image Copyright Warner Bros
  4. 4. SEO is ways of working will emerge Image Copyright
  5. 5. The best way to do SEO will be...
  6. 6. ...not to do SEO
  7. 7. But first a Refresher Image
  8. 8. SEO works in 2 ways
  9. 9. 1. On page optimisation 2. Off page backlinking
  10. 10. The Golden Rules:
  11. 11. ‘You won’t get ranked for asearch term unless you talkabout it on your website’
  12. 12. ‘You won’t get ranked for a search term unless you talk about it on your website’ ‘That page is unlikely to rank well unless it hasoptimised links from other relevant web pages’
  13. 13. “So let’s just over optimise and build a ton of backlinks?” Image
  14. 14. Image
  15. 15. Google is watching!
  16. 16. The Interflora Affair
  17. 17. In the future...
  18. 18. ...SEO won’t be abouttrickery or alchemy
  19. 19. It will be aboutmaking friends Image
  20. 20. SEO will need to bedone in a natural way Image
  21. 21. Web ContentTHE OLD WAY:boring, keywordstuffed, poorlywritten, unfinished Image
  22. 22. Image
  23. 23. Web ContentTHE NEW WAY:Engaging, unique, new, shareable, persuasive Image
  24. 24. Image
  25. 25. Web DirectoriesTHE OLD WAY:Multiple submissions tolow quality free sites Image
  26. 26. Image
  27. 27. Web DirectoriesTHE NEW WAY:Local or industryvertical directories Image
  28. 28. Article MarketingTHE OLD WAY:Outsourced $10 articlessubmitted by the 1000 Image
  29. 29. Image
  30. 30. Article MarketingTHE NEW WAY:Build author profiles withunique contennt on ahandful of content sites Image
  31. 31. BacklinkingTHE OLD WAY:Only target a few phrases,point all links to same page Image
  32. 32. Image
  33. 33. BacklinkingTHE NEW WAY:Rotate anchor text anddestination URL, credibilitylinks from high value sites Image
  34. 34. Social MediaTHE OLD WAY:Ignore it Image
  35. 35. Social MediaTHE NEW WAY:Create an audience,encourage sharing,engage, participate Image
  36. 36. In summary:If SEO feels like a trick or a shortcut it probably wont work Image
  37. 37. BUT before you start SEO......make sure your website provides a great User Experience to visitors Image
  38. 38. Any questions?Josh WhitenWebscape