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Tony Robbins and SEO: "Quality" VS "Quantity"

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Just the basics around links in the Search Engine Optimization Industry.

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Tony Robbins and SEO: "Quality" VS "Quantity"

  1. 1. JJooaannnnaaVVaaiioouu..ccoomm
  2. 2. What Are “Links” in the Online World?  Links are mentions of a website’s page address (URL) on other websites that appear in the form of a clickable link or “hyperlink”.  Another synonym word for the word links is “backlinks”. Meaning links that lead visitors back to your website when they click on them.
  3. 3. Why Are “Links” Important?  In real life, when other people talk about you to someone else, they make you more popular and more widely known for something. On the internet, this is what “Links” do for your personal website, your brand or your business.  Search engines like Google run programs that crawl the web all the time, in order to find new valuable resources of information, save those in their index and later on present to Google users who search. Search engines do that by discovering new “LINKS” on authoritative websites that they trust.
  4. 4. Why Are “Links” Important?  The overall synthesis and quality of a website’s link profile is very important for Search Engine Optimization. That is because Google checks how many links you have, who links back to you and how authoritative these links (“mentions” of your website pages on other sites) are in order to rank your website in their top organic search results.  Not all links are created equal through. Ranking on top page of Google is more a link quality matter rather than a quantity one.
  5. 5. Why Are “Links” Important?  Links are only a part of the equation when it comes to ranking at the top of Google SEO results. You also need to have a Google friendly and user friendly design, digestible and easy navigation, high quality and unique content that satisfies user requests, social shares and engagement and much more.  All these count for Google. If you attend to those and start gaining quality links, you will have the greatest chances to get to the top.
  6. 6. LLiinnkkss are only one of the 200+ ranking factors that Google looks at to rank your website. BBuutt ssttiillll rreemmaaiinnss oonnee ooff tthhee mmoosstt iimmppoorrttaanntt oonneess,, aalloonngg wwiitthh ggoooodd oonnssiittee sseeoo aanndd hhiigghh qquuaalliittyy ccoonntteenntt..
  7. 7. Who’s Interested in “Links”?  Anyone that has a personal or a business website and wants to show up on Google search engine’s top organic results. If you are interested in being found on Google when people specifically look more information about your product or services then you will need to gain “Links” back to your pages you promote.  Google is interested in the synthesis and quality of your website’s overall links. Who links to you can help and hurt you at the same time.
  8. 8. Links Types as per Placement  The way a website is structured and the links it has pointing to other pages of the same website and the links to other related websites, are also important for Google and SEO. Usually the home page of a website is the strongest when it comes to overall SEO authority as it normally acquires more links than the other (inner or internal) pages.
  9. 9. Links Types as per Placement  For example if you link from your home page to your services page you are transferring a % of your home page authority to this internal page and you indicate to Google that it is somehow an important page for you. So some links you get from other websites will send people to your home page and others will send people to your internal pages. Depends on what kind of site you have and the content you create. VS OOvveerraallll DDoommaaiinn LLiinnkkss HHoommeeppaaggee LLiinnkkss IInntteerrnnaall LLiinnkkss
  10. 10. Link Types as per Placement SSiitteewwiiddee LLiinnkkss SSiiddeebbaarr LLiinnkkss FFooootteerr LLiinnkkss  Sidebar Links are the links that reside in your website’s sidebar (if you use one).  Footer Links are the links that reside in the footer (the bottom part of your website).  Sidebar and Footer Links are considered “sitewide” links which means they appear on all pages of a website. Additionally, there are the main (top) menu links or “tabs” that usually represent the most important pages like the “about us”, “contact”, “what we do” page etc that belong to the “sitewide” link category.  Contextual Links are the links that reside in an article’s or page’s content. This is the best quality of links your website can have (as we speak) compared to the other types.
  11. 11. More Link Types IInntteerrnnaall LLiinnkkss EExxtteerrnnaall LLiinnkkss NNoo--ffoollllooww LLiinnkkss DDoo--ffoollllooww LLiinnkkss  Internal Links to a page on your website is the number of other pages on your website that link back to your specific page.  External Links on a page on your website is the number of links you have on this page that send readers to other websites.  No follow Links are the links that have the “nofollow” attribute on them, as an indicator to Google that they should not pass any SEO (ranking) power also known as “seo link juice”.  Do follow Links are the links that pass “seo link juice” and ranking power to a page.
  12. 12. Link Types as per Linking Source WWEEBB 2..00ss FFoorruummss DDiirreeccttoorriiee ss SSoocciiaall MMeeddiiaa QQ&&AAss BBllooggss PPrreessss RReelleeaasseess IImmaaggee SSiitteess PPDDFF//PPPPTT SSiitteess VViiddeeoo SSiitteess WWiikkii SSiitteess YYoouurr WWeebbssiittee
  13. 13. Link Types as per “Anchor” Text RRaaww oorr ““NNaakkeedd”” oorr ““UURRLL”” LLiinnkkss BBrraanndd LLiinnkkss GGeenneerriicc LLiinnkkss MMoonneeyy KKeeyywwoorrddss lliinnkkss LLSSII –– RReelleevvaanntt KKeeyywwoorrdd LLiinnkkss “Anchor” is the text that is hyplerlinked or simply; the title text of the link that sends people to your website.  “Raw” or “naked” or “URL” links are the links that have the url and its variations as anchors. Examples->,, etc.  Brand Links are the links that have your brand name as anchor. Example: Joanna Vaiou.  Generic Links are the links that have random anchors that say nothing to users or Google about the page they link to. Examples: Click here, Visit Website, More info etc.  Keyword rich or “money” keyword Links are the links that have the keyword you are targeting (seo wise) and want to appear on top page of Google as anchor.  LSI (latent Semantic Indexing) or Relevant Keyword Links are the links that have as anchor relevant keywords to the niche keywords you are targeting seo wise. Google considers these keywords highly relevant to your niche website and you should incorporate those in your seo & content campaigns.
  14. 14. Links are Still Important…  SEO changes and evolves in vertiginous speed. Google engineers update their algorithm frequently and alter the way they evaluate websites. Though, no matter how frequently rules change, Google always looks at the synthesis of your website’s acquired links (backlinks or incoming links) and takes it into account in order to rank you and your competitors.  WHO LINKS to you or mentions YOU is always a crucial factor for Google to rank your website higher in the organic (SEO) spots.
  15. 15. Links are Still Important…  Imagine YOU are a Personal Growth Coach and just had your first book published about how personal development helped you improve your life and allowed you to build a successful coaching business. Now you are at that place where you can help others do the same. Who’s Your Audience? First of all  Your Family, either you want it or not .
  16. 16. Links are Still Important…  Of Course! Your family will be first to know and they will be thrilled. They will congratulate you and tell everyone they know. WWhhoo kknnoowwss.... They even might throw you a party to celebrate the happy career development you have come to experience.
  17. 17. Links are Still Important…  Family is Family – They should always support you no matter what… Your family members will offer you emotional support and fill your heart with more love and self contentment. Congratulations. You have just became “famous” and “known” for writing a book in a niche (small or big) that is not actually interested in your book and most likely haven’t read such a book in their whole life. They are just happy for you. Cherish these moments.
  18. 18. Links are Still Important… But… What about visibility, marketing your book and SSAALLEESS? Or recognition from people that are in a niche that is really interested in what you are writing in this book? Imagine if somehow you got Mr. Tonny Robbins to read and actually like what you have to say in your book. Mr. Robbins is in the same industry as you but he is not a direct competitor... He is the Top of the Top Life and Business Coaches. On the other hand, you have just wrote your first book.
  19. 19. Links are Still important…  What if Mr. Robbins made a public post on his social networks about the latest book he read (Yours for example) and what he liked about it? For no special reason. Just because he liked it. What would tthhiiss mmeeaann ffoorr yyoouu?? • Instant Recognition of your persona to Millions and Millions of people that are already “into life and business coaching” as an expert in your niche? • Tremendous Boost of your own social media following? • Lots of book copy sales only by this public recommendation? Absolutely. “Quality” Wins “Quantity” BIG TIME.
  20. 20. Basic Link Building Best Practices As mentioned earlier, knowing your links is not enough to rank high on Google.  The more quality links you get from a variety of sources (other websites of several types), the better your SEO rankings will be.  The “Quality” of your links depends on many factors but the two most prevalent are: 1)RELEVANCE and 2)AUTHORITY (A mention from Mr. Tonny Robbins in our previous example would have both relevance and authority which would make this a PERFECT link).
  21. 21. Moz Domain Authority has invented “Domain Authority” or “DA” as one SEO authority metric that partially determines the quality of a link from another website back to yours. I have created a report for the person who manages your digital marketing accounts which you can download for free as instructed in the following slides.  49 High Domain Authority Websites ttoo CCrreeaattee FFuullll PPrrooffiilleess wwiitthh LLiinnkkss aanndd DDeessccrriippttiioonnss ffoorr yyoouurr BBrraanndd’’ss WWeebbssiittee..
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