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Career and Personal Branding Tips for Students

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Career and Personal Branding Tips for Students

  1. 1. Social Media and Personal Branding Tips for Students For once there’s a bit of good news for students looking for jobs. According to in their 2011 study, only 37% of jobseekers are using social media to secure opportunities. With some savvy self-promotion, why not get yourself into the limelight and sidestep 63% who aren’t? Now if you were thinking this was going to be another one of those patronizing, yawn- a-thonarticles saying “Make sure any compromising photos of you at your last house part are only available to who should see them” prepare yourself for something different. Here’s my take on the social media jamboree. It’s never too early to start building your credibility online. So whether you’ve got a way to go, or you’re heading out into the wide work at the end of this academic year –it’s time to start boosting your professional image now. Let’s get this is perspective, you’ve spent several years educating yourself to prove you’ve mastered something – let people know you’re ready and eager to get started! Make now your time to shine. Here are 4 ways to showcase why you’re the obvious choice - - the online portfolio site If you’re a creative type, you can create a profile on www. (which you can also embed within LinkedIn) where you can upload your 2D digital design work and videos. – show them with a
  2. 2. Social Media and Personal Branding Tips for Students If you’re a journalist and/or do video and audio work, why not add your showreels to You can upload upto 15 minutes. Remember to add a link to your website or linkedin profile (with the http:// bit) in the description box so people can get in touch with you – say it with presentation slides Slideshare is great for communicating with PowerPoint. If you’ve come up with a solution to a business problem, or have done some cutting edge research, create some slides about it and upload them for free to Slideshare. Add a voiceover to explain the bullets. You can embed this in your LinkedIn profile too. – pimp your profile You already know you can use your LinkedIn as an online CV, but are you making the most of your recommendations. One of the best ways to show you’re worth hiring is to get as many genuine recommendations as possible added to your LinkedIn profile. Opinions from other people add more weight to positive information that’s said about you. It’s more credible than you “bigging yourself up” on your CV – even if you really are an awesome genius that walks amongst the mortals J Remember, although it’s often difficult to add glowing references about you to a CV when you’re tight on space, on your Linked profile you can have as many as you can muster. The more you have, the more trustworthy you become. Don’t just rely on your work placement contacts; ask other people who can vouch for you. If you’ve done voluntary work, ask your co-workers for a recommendation. Ask your tutors for a character reference. Worked on the university magazine – get the editor to give you a write up. Worked in the bar or the nightclub or the pizza cafe? Get a reference for that work as well. Let the testimonials build up gradually – (and no, don’t get your mates to fake them!) – and you can build yourself a powerful asset to open up opportunities for you. There’s concrete proof you’re definitely worth working with from an army of
  3. 3. Social Media and Personal Branding Tips for Students For more information in building a strong, effective online personal brand, visit and check out If you would like specific advice on social media, I share some ideas here: I look forward to seeing you there soon! To your success!