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Follow these proven growth strategies to go from hero to zero in a matter of weeks!

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  2. 2. In this short guide we will give you FREE ACCESS to some of our best methods we use to massively grow sales and profits in lots of different types of Ecommerce business. If you are serious about growing your ecommerce business massively you may want to download our 31 page FREE ‘eCommerce Zero To Hero’ guide which you can get here.
  3. 3. Using your phone number METHOD 1 This may sound obvious but we see LOTS of people who retail online via eBay and their website trying to ‘hide’ behind a website and think people don’t want to call them as they are shopping online. WRONG. We have seen where online retailers have added a phone number to the top of their website (on every page) and also to the top of their eBay listings and eBay shop seeing MASSIVE INCREASES IN BUSINESS. If you do just one thing today, make sure you have your phone number in a prominent place, it adds credibility to your online business, makes you look more approachable and will get sales from people who still like to pick up the phone and talk to a real person before buying (yes these people are still out there).
  4. 4. Becoming an expert METHOD 2 This scares many people as they believe they aren’t an expert and could never be an expert but if you are selling something online chances are you have LOTS MORE KNOWLEDGE about your product and its market than most other people out there. You need to capitalize on this knowledge you have to drive sales and the best way to do this (and we have seen MASSIVE RESULTS from this) is to sign up to forums and Facebook groups and help people with questions/problems they may be having in your expert subject. Helping people with free advice and guidance (without trying to sell to these people) will build up a loyal following and trust and give you lots of extra traffic and sales to your website. *We implemented this strategy with one of our clients and now they have received tens of thousands of visitors to their online shop generating lots of new sales.
  5. 5. Skimming the cream METHOD 3 Lots of online retailers (probably you too!) use websites like eBay and Amazon to generate sales but do you use them to their maximum potential. You need to use these sites to get your customer and then retain them as a paying customer on your website. There are many ways to do this and one of the best methods is to build a customer database so wherever you ‘acquire’ the customer, whether it be eBay, Amazon or a retail show you want to drive these people back to your website to get them to buy from you time and time again. We talk about this strategy in more detail in our FREE ‘eCommerce Zero To Hero’ guide which you can download here.
  6. 6. Building business assets METHOD 4 We talk to lots of online business owners and they get confused when we talk to them about the difference between ‘selling online’ and being an ‘ecommerce business. You may wonder what the difference is, aren’t the 2 things the same?Well, yes and NO!You see, an eCommerce business is something that has value, a brand, assets, a customer database, something that one day, to a potential buyer, has massive value and means your business can help you realise your dreams once you decide the time is right to sell itWhereas an ‘Online seller’ is someone who sells online, primarily on sites like eBay, has no website, no brand and no customer base to call their own!Which would you say is the business you would prefer to have? If you answered ‘AN ECOMMERCE BUSINESS’ we recommend you download our FREE ‘eCommerce Zero To Hero’ guide which you can download here.
  7. 7. Piggyback Advertising METHOD 5 Piggyback advertising is a great way to get more exposure for your business from your existing business operations.By including advertising in things you do already you really can save your business a serious amount of money (oh, and make more sales and hence even more profits).Try one the piggyback advertising methods below and see how you get on...- Include a copy of your brochure with your invoices (whether electronically or sent via post, oh you don’t still send invoices by post DO YOU?) - Add new product information or special offers to your email signatureIf you want to get access to lots of great piggyback advertising methods we recommend you download our FREE ‘eCommerce Zero To Hero’ guide which you can download here.