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Mind Melds and BattleBots: Creating the Right Kind of Designer/Developer Dynamic

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Improving the designer/developer relationship is an ardent wish on a lot of project teams. And yet, a lot of excuses seem to be made for bad relationships between designers and developers… several of which are tied to when and how each are involved.

Do these sound familiar?

“There’s not enough budget to involve all members of the team from beginning to end.”

“We don’t want to limit designer creativity too soon by bringing tech into the process.”

“We don’t want to waste developer time at the beginning when there’s nothing fully defined yet.”

“If we design a detailed enough style guide, development should be able to implement without retaining a designer through implementation.”

How do you find the right balance of involvement without breaking the budget - and make the most of the skills that each team member can bring to the table?

In this presentation, Carolyn Chandler (Experience Designer and instructor) and Don Bora (Developer and iconic tech mentor) will take you on a journey through the main stages of a project from both sides of the divide.

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Mind Melds and BattleBots: Creating the Right Kind of Designer/Developer Dynamic

  1. 1. & mind melds BATTLE BOTS Designer/Developer
  2. 2. Who are we? Carolyn Chandler Mira Fitness Co-Author, UX Design books @chanan Don Bora Eight Bit Studios Mobile Makers @dbora
  3. 3. Who Are You? ? ?
  4. 4. We all want to create great stuff
  5. 5. What problems are we attacking?
  6. 6. BattleBot mode wastes a lot of energy for fight strategy
  7. 7. Mind melds aren’t always good goatee of evil
  8. 8. We have communication issues Designers often hear: “Then you can make it pretty” “It’s just common sense, right?” “Isn’t that a training issue?”
  9. 9. We have communication issues Developers often hear… “It’s easy…” “Can’t we just…?” “I’ve seen this done a million times.”
  10. 10. Why is this urgent?
  11. 11. Tech changes so fast…
  12. 12. Unicorns are the new pidgeons
  13. 13. Teams are mixed & distributed
  14. 14. Start with empathy…
  15. 15. Designer Empathy happy trees
  16. 16. What’s Possible? Over/Under Communication
  17. 17. Developer Empathy
  18. 18. Last Developer Standing Things can go wrong and when they do, it’s usually in the 11th hour
  19. 19. Too much info Dire messages Blame the user A good way to handle unknown errors:
  20. 20. Windows 10…
  21. 21. We are all craftspeople working on shifting sands
  22. 22. What tactics can help?
  23. 23. On Projects…
  24. 24. The main waste is the time you DON’T spend in mind setting MEETINGS
  25. 25. What’s our level of detail? FORESTS TREES WEEDS
  26. 26. What is the intention? Designers can ask: What data do we have that we’re not taking good advantage of? EXPLORING Developers can ask: What patterns (like navigational frameworks) do we want to start following early on?
  27. 27. EXPLORING PROPOSING Both ask: Does this reflect our business goals and identity? If not this exact thing… what can we do? Is there something that gets us close? What if…? What is the intention?
  28. 28. EXPLORING PROPOSING DECIDING Both ask: What principles should drive our decisionmaking? Do we all understand the pros and cons of the choice? (for example, build or buy) What is the intention?
  29. 29. Brainstorming “Yes, and…”
  30. 30. Rubber Ducking “I just need to talk this through for a bit…”
  31. 31. Gap Finding “What if…”
  32. 32. –Johnny Appleseed “Type a quote here.” “We don’t know…” with… “Here’s what we can do…” Replace… developers…
  33. 33. –Johnny Appleseed “Type a quote here.” developers… Be the right kind of cocky
  34. 34. Extracurricular…
  35. 35. Developers, invite designers to a hack-a-thon
  36. 36. –Johnny Appleseed “Type a quote here.” Designers, host a spark-a-thon
  37. 37. Thank You! Carolyn Chandler @chanan Don Bora @dbora Join us for our panel next door!