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JBoss Fuse Workshop 101 part 5

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It's time to take a look at the running container for the camel route we have been creating for this stock trading company, after all, our system cannot always run on developer's laptop.
This part takes you look at the OSGi container in JBoss Fuse

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JBoss Fuse Workshop 101 part 5

  1. 1. JBoss Fuse 101 Getting Started workshop Christina Lin JBoss Technology Evangelist
  2. 2. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME2 JBoss Fuse Containers Standalone OSGi Karaf JavaEE EAP
  3. 3. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME3 OSGi Overview Modularity Boundaries Name: artifactIDJarA Version: 1.2.1 Name: artifactIDJarB Version: 1.0.0 Name: artifactIDJarC Version: 2 Name: artifactIDJarD Version: 3.6.4 Name: artifactIDJarE Version: 2 Name: artifactIDJarF Version: 1.0 Export Dependent
  5. 5. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME5 Container in JBoss Fuse OSGI Logging Deployer Provisioning Admin Built-in Bundles & Feature Support Hot deployment Maven Repo HTTP File feature slf4j, log4j, etc JMX A-MQ WebContainer
  6. 6. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME6 JBoss Fuse Startup/Shutdown and other scripts Working directory •  cache – stores all installed bundles •  log – Log directory •  tmp – Tmp files Place to drop and deploy your bundle files Configuration files Core library of the container System bundle repo
  7. 7. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME7 Deploying Karaf OSGi Container Bundle(jar/folder) Dependency List (features) Maven Repo Pulling dependency from maven repo Deploying Project Service
  8. 8. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME8 The Console Default Message Broker All Available JMX operation Log of this container OSGI related Views Command line Terminal Thread data in the JVM
  9. 9. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME9 The Console Display all services and possible configuration or display where to find it Shows all the installed bundle Show all feature information Exported package and which service it comes from Show all package dependencies
  10. 10. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME10 Fuse Fabric Configurations available for services in OSGi All Bundles installed in the Container
  11. 11. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME11 Fuse Fabric All running features in the container Place to remove or add features in the container Export Packages from each services
  12. 12. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME12 Fuse Fabric Service List In container Package dependency relation diagram
  13. 13. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME13 JBoss Developer Studio Tooling
  14. 14. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME14 The commands Logs: log:display log:get log:list log:set log:tail OSGi: osgi:find-class osgi:headers osgi:info osgi:install osgi:list osgi:refresh osgi:resolve osgi:restart osgi:shutdown osgi:uninstall osgi:update osgi:version feature: features:addurl features:chooseurl features:info features:install features:list features:listrepositories features:listurl features:listversions features:refreshurl features:removerepository features:removeurl features:uninstall
  15. 15. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME15 My 5th Camel Ride JBoss Fuse JBDS
  16. 16. RED HAT CONFIDENTIAL | ADD NAME16 My 5th Camel Ride JBoss Fuse Maven Repo