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Interview with a Book Editor

Additional folks worry public speaking than something else on the planet. Much more individuals woul...

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Interview with a Book Editor

  1. 1. Interview with a Book Editor Additional folks worry public speaking than something else on the planet. Much more individuals would rather die than speak in front of a reside audience; it can be rather intense but can also be a harsh reality. The explanation individuals are afraid of public speaking is due to the fact judgment is becoming passed on them. Social acceptance can be a typical theme in human culture so it comes as no surprise when public speaking is often a major statistic. Inside the mlm realm, video marketing and advertising is really related to public speaking. The only distinction is you get various tries to create your video ideal. Even then, several marketers worry the camera and how individuals will judge them as their videos are viewed. Right here are some tricks to overcome your worry when advertising with video. Lynn Maria Thompson is an author, speaker, and an editor. Her view from the editor's side of book editing offers a fresh perspective for writers. Can you give us a brief blurb about yourself? I'm an independent editor, not affiliated with a publisher, who works with authors to get their manuscripts into shape before seeking an agent or publisher. The last author whose book I edited is Jacob Singer. His book, The Vase With the Many Coloured Marbles, was published in 2011. I am currently working on Tiger Claws, a novel by Greg Sampson. What is the role of publishing and marketing in regards to book editing? Many first-time authors self-publish, as do repeat authors who want to maintain more control over their books or get them released quicker than a traditional publisher would. Self-publishing authors may not get much editorial attention from their publishers. Marketing is something few authors consider when writing their books, and yet publishers don't provide the level of marketing support most authors thought they would. So having an editor who's thinking in that vein can be a tremendous asset. How does the process of book editing work?
  2. 2. When I do the first (content) edit of an author's manuscript, I don't make changes, but rather highlight and footnote, as well as offering overall notes on aspects of the manuscript I think need attention. It's always up to the author to decide whether or not to make any revisions I suggest. Sometimes it's frustrating when I get the revised manuscript back for a copyedit to see that an author has not implemented certain changes that would have greatly improved their book. But since I don't work for a publisher, I don't have authors courting my favor because I can get them published; I can't! All I can do is improve their chances of landing a decent agent or publisher. You suggested asking editors if they have any past clients you can contact for a reference when you are in the process of choosing a book editor. Can you recommend what to discuss? If you talk with any of their past clients, ask if the editor provided substantive comments that helped them improve their books. Take a look at works they've edited that have been published. Would you be proud to call one of links edit video marketing them your own? Also find out what experience they have in marketing that will help you improve the marketability of your book; no sense investing the time, money, and energy into writing a book if nobody buys it. A good editor has to be tough and provide feedback to you that won't always be easy for you to take; if you don't get that kind of feedback from an editor, they're not doing their job. It's also important that you feel comfortable with getting that kind of feedback from the editor you choose. What does the role of marketing look like in your opinion? When working with writers, I like those who understand that they need to think about how they're planning to market their books. If they've done a marketing plan (or at least started one) before writing it, I feel much more like they're an author who's taking this whole thing seriously. They need to understand the audience for their book, and know what they're looking for in a good read. They need to know their competition and what makes their book different from them. They need to have looked at the publishing industry to see what's selling these days and know how they plan to tap into those trends. Will they be selling the book through their own website, or through traditional bookstore channels, or both? They need to have thought about the press kit for their book, and whether they plan to make personal appearances to support it; will they make prepared speeches? How will they get news about their book out to potential readers? If they know these things ahead of time, that helps me make the kinds of editing comments that will be useful to them in achieving their goals for the book.
  3. 3. Is there anything you appreciate in writers who use your services? It's great if they've put some effort into producing the draft they're sending me, and not just dashing something off to "throw up on the page" and then send me their first draft. Ideally, they should be on their second, or even third, draft before sending it over to an editor. With all the Google updates and algorithm adjustments and Pandas and Hummingbirds, it really is hard to know what type of optimization strategies you may use to obtain your video content noticed. Giving high-quality content is often the most effective approach to get your videos ranked, but what other techniques can you use to make your video content relevant for the search engines like google? If you're an internet network marketer using videos, attempt these 5 strategies to give your videos the juice they ought to get noticed each by viewers along with the search engines.