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CAR Email 12.16.02

Climate Action Report
Email 12.16.02

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CAR Email 12.16.02

  1. 1. ARM5 '485PagelIofi1 RECORD TYPE: FEDERAL (NOTES MAIL) CREATOR:Matthew J. Schneider ( CN=Matthew J. Schneider/OU='OMB/OBEOP [OMB I CREATION DATE/TIME:16-DEC-2002 14:54:21.00 SUBJECT: : FOIA re Climate Action Report 2002 TO:Edward A. Boling( CN=Edward A. Boling/OU=CEQ/OBEOP@EOP CEQ I READ :UNKNOWN CC:Steven D. Aitken (CN=Steven D. Aitken/OU=OMB/O=EOP@EOP OMB1 READ:UNKNOWN TEXT: Mr. Boling: This email responds to your letter of December 4, 2002 to Steve Aitken concerning an OMB e-mail dated June 10, 2002 from John Graham to Samuel A. Thernstrom and James Connaughton that is potentially responsive to a Greenpeace FOIA request submitted to CEQ. Our office has reviewed the e-mail document in question and has no objection to its release in this particular FOTA case and in this context. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me or Steve. Thank you. Matthew Schneider 0MB Assistant General Counsel 395-3503 file://DSEARCH_7_28_03 CEQ485_f cfdec003_ceq.txt 7/7/2006