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SERA Email 2.10.03

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Sectoral Emissions Reduction Agreements
Email 2.10.03

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SERA Email 2.10.03

  1. 1. * Dana M. Perino 0211012003 05:14:16 PM Record Type: Record To: See the distribution list at the bottom of this messageyCEEPEO Kameran L. Onley/E/O@O cc: Phil Cooney/CEQIEOP@EOP. Natalie TowcimaklCEQ/EOP@EOP, Subject: Media Advisory D-Media Advisory -- Climate VISION 02-1O-O3.doc should!) be sent to your respective targeted All -- Here is DOE's media advisory. It is public and can (and to DOE, will be sending it out, too. media lists, Remember that EPA, USDA and DOT, in addition Thanks Dana MesaeSn o ~ inet ~ inet rlowe~porternovelli.comf ~ !net @ mnet vughetta~autoaIliance~org ~ inet gbergquis5tautoalliaflce.or9 ~ inet ~ inet ~ inet rblood@APPAnet~org ~ inet ~ inet ~ inet ~ inet ~ inet ~ Inet ~ !net bvmartocci~tva~gov ~ inet t~ inet ~ inet mark-nelson~americanchemistry~org ~ inet ~ mnet ~ inet ~ inet ~ mnet ~ inet @ inet
  2. 2. NEWS MEDIA CONTACTS: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jill Vieth, 202/586-4940 Monday, February 10, 2003 Drew Malcomb, 202/586-5806 Media Advisor Energy Secretary to Unveil "Climate VISION"9 Initiative on February 12 wilhs h olut WASHINGTON, DC -- Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham termed "Climate VISION," or of President Bush's business challenge climate chanige initiative Now." "Climate, Voluntary Innovative Sector Initiatives: Opportunities Agency (EPA) Administrator Secretary Abraham will be joined by Environmental Protection Transportation Deputy Secretary Christine Todd Whitman, Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, Quality Chairman James Michael Jackson, and White House Council on Environmental Connaughton, as well as several other business and industry participants. Feb. 2002 announcement of a new The "Climate VISION" initiative responds to President Bush's in xvhich he conmmitted to strategy to address the long-term challenge of global climate change, the next decade. President Bush also reducing America's greenhouse gas intensity by 18 percent in efforts to help meet that goal. challenged American businesses and industries to undertake broader that major, energy-intensive The Feb. 12* announcement will recognize the significant initiatives challenge. These initiatives build sectors of the American economy are undertaking to meet the 1990 to 2001, when the econom uon the progress made by the industrial sector in the past decade, industrial sector were held constant. grew by almost 40 percent but greenhouse gas emissions in the WHlO: Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman Secretary of Agriculture Ann Venemnan Transportation Deputy Secretary Michael Jackson Council on Environmental Quality Chairman James Connaughton WHAT: Announcement of "Climate VISION" initiative WHERE: Department of Energy Cafeteria (Smithsonian Metro) cafeteria) 1000 Independence Ave., SW (enter I0 th St. door--east side of 1 WHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 12 2:00 p.m. (12:30 p.m. cafetenia doors open) mult-box, throw 60 - 70 feet N-03-012 -DOE-