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Effective Use of Facebook to promote Government Campaigns (Flood IT-II)

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This presentation shows how a social media platform like Facebook can be effectively used for the promotion of Government Campaign, The Flood IT-II- KG to PG Digital Literacy Mission.

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Effective Use of Facebook to promote Government Campaigns (Flood IT-II)

  1. 1. Case Study by Wild Dreams Media & Communications
  2. 2.  The Gujarat Urban Cooperative Banks Federation was established in Ahmedabad on 5th March 1975 in accordance with the provisions of the Gujarat Co- Operative Society Act, 1961.  The Gujarat Urban Cooperative Banks Federation is constituted of 244 member banks having more than 800 branches across the state.  The main objective of Project Flood IT was to achieve the goals of the Digital Literacy Mission by offering 0% interest loans to students for buying PCs/Laptops/Tablets.
  3. 3.  The project aimed to usher in a Knowledge Revolution through computer ownership and to provide computers to students from Kindergarten (KG) to Post Graduation (PG).  In the wake of Flood IT I, an immensely successful initiative by the GUCBF, Flood IT II was envisioned to empower the student community with Knowledge catalyst devices right at their door-steps.  A target of 3,00,000 devices was set for FLOOD IT-II vis-a-vis the last achievement of 1,00,000 devices.
  4. 4. Airtel Wipro Toshiba Intel HCL McAfee eSense Lenovo HP FUJITSU
  5. 5.  Flood IT-I was marketed through traditional media like print, hoardings, billboards, radio, etc.  For FLOOD IT-II, the core committee wanted to incoporate Social Media in them communication mix so as to be where their target segment (youth) is.  Facebook was chosen as the preferred medium because of its inherent strengths to communicate, engage and provide customer service.
  6. 6.  Target Facebook users in demographic range of 13-25 in Gujarat.  Need To educate the target audience about this project on Facebook and to reach out to students and parents who are first timer customers or buyers and the masses at large.
  7. 7.  Disseminate the central message amongst the audience.  Drive online enquiries & registrations for purchase.  Generating leads.  Create awareness and increase virality by sharing details of each event of the program.  Increase fanbase & engagement on Facebook page.  Sustain & accelerate the growth for delivering on the key metrics of Flood IT -2 FB page.  Deliver user delight.
  8. 8. A variety of communication properties were created :  IT Quotient Quiz  Event updates of on-ground activities  Puzzles  Find The Difference  Spot The Words/Crosswords  Did You Know/Facts  Fan Of The Week  Comics  Daily Trivia  Partner brand promotions and Sponsor mentions
  9. 9. Spot the Difference
  10. 10. Event Updates
  11. 11. Fan Acknowledgement
  12. 12. Offers and Product Ads
  13. 13. Apart from social media activities, Team Wild Dreams also conducted various ground level activities at schools, colleges and educational institutes to promote the Digital Literacy Mission.
  14. 14. ACTIVITY MEASURE Page Likes 15170 Total Reach (90% reach among target audience) 161249 Post Reach 18487 The 1st month of the campaign delivered the following:
  15. 15. Geographical Impact: Top 4 post reach cities are from the target audience group
  16. 16. Responding to more than 200 queries & providing prompt response and forwarding leads. Customer Relationship Management
  17. 17. Over 1447 views and 33 likes within 4 hours Over 2100 views, 59 likes and 7 comments
  18. 18. At the end of the campaign Flood IT – II garnered close to 28700 FANS!
  19. 19. ACTIVITY MEASURE No. of Fans 28700 Daily engagement Between 2800 to 7000 per day Daily number of impressions Between 1.2 to 2.3 lakhs per day Cumulative number of impressions since inception of activity 51 lakhs Top cities with maximum fans Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Rajkot, Anand, Gandhinagar, Junagadh amongst other towns of Gujarat. Demographics 94% of fans are in the age-group of 13- 25. 88% Males and 12% Females Leads forwarded from Facebook 1800 +
  20. 20. Thank You! If you are the Head of any such Govt. Sponsored project or Social Awareness campaign, we would be delighted to be of help! Please mail us your details at