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7 Common Job Hunting Myths

Whether you’re preparing to start a career or looking to move in a new professional direction, beginning a job hunt can leave you confused and overwhelmed at times. Let us help you debunk seven myths often associated with job hunting and get you moving towards a new career.

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7 Common Job Hunting Myths

  1. COMMON JOB HUNTING MYTHS For Dummies is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 7
  2. “Being unemployed puts you at a tremendous disadvantage when you’re looking for a job” Myth # 1:
  3. Employers today understand there are many reasons qualified workers are unemployed. Downsizings, mergers, and restructurings, etc.
  4. “You should give 100% effort to every job lead you uncover” Myth # 2:
  5. This truism has a nice, inspirational ring to it but if you follow it to the letter, you’re going to burn out very quickly.
  6. Be willing to investigate and pursue every job lead that comes your way, but you NEED TO PRIORITIZE. Focus your effort on leads that are most likely to result in an offer you would accept.
  7. The number of leads you uncover isn’t the only factor to finding the kind of job you want. It’s the QUALITY of those leads and your efforts that count.
  8. “Finding a job is harder than any job you will ever have” Myth # 3:
  9. The hardest part is dealing with all the pressures — psychological, familial, and financial — that often arise during the course of a job search.
  10. The truth is, you don’t need innate talent or highly specialized skills to conduct a successful job search. You simply need to do a lot of the things you already know how to do in a focused, disciplined, and systematic way.
  11. “When you’re unemployed, you can’t afford to turn down a job offer” Myth # 4:
  12. Depending upon any number of factors — time, finances, sanity level — you may have to accept a job offer that you’re not really thrilled about. Don’t assume you have to accept the first job you’re offered, unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  13. Temporary work or freelancing can help keep the wolf away from your door and allow you to keep your job search going until you get an offer that makes sense.
  14. “The only way to get a good job in many industries is to have the right connections” Myth # 5:
  15. Having the right connections is an enormous advantage in any business endeavor. But a major part of conducting a successful job hunt is making the connections you need as your search progresses.
  16. “Being good at interviews is the most important job hunting skill” Myth # 6:
  17. The ability to make a strong, positive impression is a valuable skill. But before you can put those interviewing skills to use, you have to know how to convert job leads into interview opportunities.
  18. “The only person you can really depend on in a job search is yourself” Myth # 7:
  19. You need plenty of help from friends, family members, network contacts, and, in some cases, recruiters and professional career counselors.
  20. Early on in your job search, you need to figure out what help you need, how to access that help, and how to show your gratitude when you get it.
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