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Right Way to Wireframe

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Right Way to Wireframe

  1. Right Way to Wireframe SxSW 2010 @semanticwill
  2. Process Conceptual Model
  3. Simplified for those in marketing (or agencies)
  4. Fallacy If the process is repeatable, then success is repeatable
  5. Requirements Analysis Measure Twice, Cut Once.
  6. Requirements Analysis Measure Twice, Cut Once. or: Stakeholders Lie.
  7. Information Architecture Information Architecture
  8. Personas Measure 3x, Cut Once.
  9. Personas Measure 3x, Cut Once. or: People Lie.
  10. Conceptual Models
  11. Functional Sitemaps
  12. Sketching Wireflows
  13. Annotated Wireflows
  14. Sketching
  15. Sketching I see sketching as an important pre- wireframing technique for doing divergent and transformative design, something that fundamentally differentiates Designers from the wireframe monkeys.
  16. Sketching A particular problem space is de ned and enframed by the tools we feel most comfortable with...
  17. Find inspiration where you can Sketching
  18. Lock the flow
  19. Lock the flow Critical to keep sketches quick and cheap to create • One of the best opportunities to innovate • Way cheaper at the outset than later on
  20. Iterate screens
  21. Wireframing Wireframes act as a form of ʻthinking deviceʼ for the setting and exploration of a given problem space
  22. Wireframing Home Page 1
  23. Wireframing Home Page 1 Designing through the use of wireframes is a search in a problem space of alternatives...
  24. Wireframing
  25. Wireframing it’s a process of problem setting as much as it is a process of problem solving, which means that I always start with the context
  26. Wireframing
  27. Wireframing
  28. Wireframing
  29. Visual Design
  30. Visual Design Ain’t painting by fucking numbers
  31. Iteration 1
  32. Iteration 2
  33. Explore crazy ideas
  34. View Loans
  35. View Loan Details
  36. Thanks. SxSW2010 @semanticwill