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Academia to Entrepreneur: Why and How to Leave Academia Behind

Career Talk

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Academia to Entrepreneur: Why and How to Leave Academia Behind

  1. 1. Academic to Entrepreneur: Why and how to leave academia behind William Gunn, Ph.D. Head of Academic Outreach Mendeley twitter: @mrgunn
  2. 2. How many of you currently plan to look for a tenure-track faculty position when you finish?
  3. 3. 80% will choose something else
  4. 4. My story
  5. 5. The advice I got •Good: Pick a stable, well-funded lab where people graduate on time •Good: Diversify project risk •Bad: Keep your head down, work hard, and it’ll all work out
  6. 6. Seek advice from the people who can give it
  7. 7. Looking for light at the end of the tunnel
  8. 8. A challenger appears!
  9. 9. I was part of something!
  10. 10. It was a little isolating
  11. 11. Csikszentmihalyi, M. Flow: The psychology of optimal experience. (1991)
  12. 12. Ease transition by diversifying risk
  13. 13. A desire to make things better
  14. 14. Early Adopter
  15. 15. Lesson: Fail Faster
  16. 16. Look beyond the surface
  17. 17. Achievements •OA policy advocacy successes •a tool that doesn’t suck
  18. 18. ..and aggregates research data in the cloud Mendeley extracts research data.. Mendeley helps researchers work smarter
  19. 19. ..helps researchers work smarter ..makes science more collaborative and transparent creating the world’s largest open research database Tools of scientific discovery Mendeley..
  20. 20. Nothing traditional about it
  21. 21. The career development office can’t help with the nontraditional stuff
  22. 22. BLOG!
  23. 23. Stay •What do you want to do? •Will you find "Flow"? •Realistic impression? •Supportive network? •Are you young?
  24. 24. Go •Frustrated by lack of impact? •Like to write? •Want to influence policy? •Are you too charismatic?
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Network!
  27. 27. Not just standing around talking to people
  28. 28. Do interesting things
  29. 29. Such as blog
  31. 31. Reaching Out!
  32. 32. In your department •Be a speaker, symposia, conference organizer or session chair •Your local Biotech Club •MassBio •Your local Post-doc Association
  33. 33. Professional organizations
  34. 34. MAKING THE TRANSITION •Goals •Mindset •Time management
  35. 35. Grants vs. Sales
  36. 36. Time pressure
  37. 37. Teamwork vs. solo research
  38. 38.