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Code4lib 2012: Building Research Applications with Mendeley

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Code4lib 2012: Building Research Applications with Mendeley

  1. 1. Building Research Applications with MendeleyWilliam GunnHead of Academic Opening up content discovery for your catalogue
  2. 2. The Internet is BIGYour site is small
  3. 3. •Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google •Dishwashers, and How Google Eats Its Own Tail •Content Farms: Why Media, Blogs & Google Should Be Worried •On the increasing uselessness of Google •Coding Horror: Trouble In the House of Google •VidekWadHwa, Techcrunch •Paul Kedrosky, Infectious Greed •Richard Macmanus, ReadWriteWeb •Alan Patrick, Broadstuff •Joe Atwood, Coding Horror •“As part of Christmas shopping for my wife, I searched for "iPhone4 case" in Google. I had to give up completely on the first two pages of search results as utterly useless, and searched Amazon instead. “ Search Engines Are Failing
  4. 4. Enter Social Discovery
  5. 5. Get the content out of the silo and circulating in the wider web
  6. 6. Metrics as a discovery tool
  7. 7. Ranking by readership at Mendeley
  8. 8. JISC DURA Project
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Select relation: supportsrefutescomplementsuses same method... Result: A human-curated, constantly evolving semantic article database Linked Data #FTMFW
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Code word: Belgian