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Small business accounting

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Small business accounting

  1. 1. Will Quinlan
  2. 2. Most Small Business Owners Wear too many hats Bookkeeper, Accountant, Customer Support, Complaint Department and Human Resources Always need more time in the day to focus on the needs of their business Work 65 to 90 hours a week Only getting paid for 30 hours
  3. 3. Bookkeeping services tailored to your business needs. HIPPA Security Compliant Our Website: 5280 Bookkeeping Accounting Solutions Payroll Complete Bookkeeping Peace of MindData Security Business Consulting
  4. 4. 41% 19% 40% Current average time Spent Per Week Bookkeeping Advertising Conducting Business
  5. 5. canhelpyoursmallbusiness By using 5280 you Return your focus to running your business Effectively manage your time and money Utilize your resources to the fullest benefit Increase your profit margin
  6. 6. 11% 29% 60% Allows you to focus on YOUR BUSINESS Bookkeeping Advertising Conducting Business Cost efficient services increase your profit and productivity
  7. 7. QuickBooks Online Resource