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Building Your Personal Brand And Navigating In The Job Market

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How to become the business owner of your career.

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Building Your Personal Brand And Navigating In The Job Market

  1. 1. Guerilla Marketing for Today’s Jobs Building your Personal Brand 7/7/2010 © 2010– 1
  2. 2. Learning Objectives •Discuss how jobs are filled in today’s market •Gain insight into Current Job Market Environment •Treat your career as if it were your own business •Build your brand in the marketplace •Discuss tools for navigating in the job market. 7/7/2010 © 2010– 2
  3. 3. Agenda …….Job Club Job Market Trends : Change; how Positions are filled, Networking What is a personal brand? Building your brand for the job market Summary 7/7/2010 © 2010– 3
  4. 4. SMARTvt is a not-for-profit organization that was established to support: •Professionals / Students: Providing Career Management Skills •Businesses: Providing Consulting Services Offerings: •Job Club : Networking and professional skills development •University Job Club: Providing skills to enter the job market •Consulting Service: Expertise for Business, Marketing and Technical challenges 7/7/2010 © 2010– 4
  5. 5. Job Club Job Club Treat your career as if you are the owner of your own small Business. The Job Club networking group provides you with the 0 essential skills you need to grow personally, professionally and to successfully navigate the job market. Description The Job Club offers a, professional dynamic platform to transform your career, build networks, develop market awareness for yourself and your personal brand. Provides awareness of the job market and the skills to effectively manage your career. 7/7/2010 © 2010– 5
  6. 6. Job Market Trends Rapid Change driven by Global Economy •5 years ago: “New people entering the job market will have 8+ careers” •Today: “New college grads with have over 10-14 jobs by 38 years old.” •“Top 10 In demand jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004” •25% have been in their current jobs less than 2 years •50% have been in their current job less than 5 years •Competing in a global job market 7/7/2010 © 2010– 6
  7. 7. Job Market Trends How Positions are filled •Process for Landing jobs significantly changed •Job boards and company sites automated job application ….and drove volume! •Not sufficient to just use job boards • Less than 8% of jobs filled via job boards. •No reply or computer form letter •Key word sorting, no personal reviews •“Hidden job market”: many companies do not post positions 7/7/2010 © 2010– 7
  8. 8. Job Market Trends Networking •Networking has supplanted the traditional approach •Some estimates claim 80%+ of positions filled by networking •Positions created by a company to match a persons experience or skill •Job posting to social media sites: LinkedIn, Twitter; Craigslist, job fairs; blogs etc •New and traditional tools to network and launch your job campaign: •LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Slideshare, networking, cold calls , friends…etc 7/7/2010 © 2010– 8
  9. 9. Twitter • Companies from start ups to fortune 500 creating twitter profiles – Listen to customers, customer satisfaction, product issues , customer service, marketing , promotions – Branding – Creative new uses emerging – Job Recruiting • Companies in all industries IT , Healthcare, Government, Consumer, Banks….. • Small Sample of who is on Twitter – Citigroup,Geico,Sony,Starbucks,Google, IBM, Macy’s, Microsoft, Mayo Clinic… 7/7/2010 © 2010– 9
  10. 10. Brand: Your Value Proposition •Brand: The image , associations and expectations about the product, service or person. •Conveys what the product , service or person offers •Key associations, what does the product , service or person stand for •Products: Coke, iPod, Blackberry •Companies: Apple, Uggs, Ben and Jerry’s • Countries: Canada, Italy, France •People: Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah, Steve Jobs •Brand Experience : All of the touch points of the brand •Branding: Actively creating and promoting your career image 7/7/2010 © 2010– 10
  11. 11. How to build your Brand Own Your Career •Become the business owner of your personal Brand, your career •What does the vice president of marketing do to make the company successful? •A small business owner has many roles , financial, marketing, product… •Do you have and “elevator speech” you can use at a moments notice? •Do you have a marketing plan? 7/7/2010 © 2010– 11
  12. 12. How to build your Brand Identify your skills •Identify the experiences and skills that you wish to provide in the marketplace •What do you do that your proud of, good at, trained for or excited about? •May not be what you did before, it may no longer exist •Reposition and transfer your skills to current market needs 7/7/2010 © 2010– 12
  13. 13. How to build your Brand Demand for your skills •What is market demand for your skills / experience? •Demand Tools: Job boards, company websites, Dept. of Labor, Linkedin…. •Key Questions: •What is the demand for my skills? •What are the qualifications? •Am I competitive? 7/7/2010 © 2010– 13
  14. 14. Demand Tool Example 7/7/2010 © 2010– 14
  15. 15. How to build your Brand Target companies that utilize your skills •What companies utilize your skills? •Research and target companies that utilize your skills •Use research tools like: •DOL: Occupational Outlook Handbook: •Company websites •What are the qualifications? •Am I competitive? •Do I need more training / skills •Company culture, would I fit in? 7/7/2010 © 2010– 15
  16. 16. Company Research Tool Example Companies 1-77 of 77 Sort by vermont Manufacturing Companies Flexovit Usa, Inc (Vermont Engineering) Most Travis M Bonnett (Vermont Made Scents) Saint Albans, VT Vermont Vermont Manufacturing Ext Ctr Rutland, VT recent Vermont Made Sculptures East Fairfield, VT question: Vermont Manufacturing Ext N Ferrisburgh, VT View All Vermont Center Wreaths (Makers Natural Green Wreaths) Newport Center, VT Vermont Wreath Co Inc Danby, VT Questions Vermont Heating & Vent Colchester, VT and Vermont Manufacturing Extnsn Norwich, VT Answers for Scented Flame Of Vermont Barton, VT Kids on the Block Vermont Burlington, VT this Company Vermont Juvenile Furniture Manufacturing, Inc (Pet Gear) West Rutland, VT Hub Consolidated Orwell, VT 7/7/2010 © 2010– 16
  17. 17. Realization /Action Continuous skills Development is Your Reality Responsibility Jobs no longer forever Packaging Your Career Experience into a Careers a Series of Compelling Value Individual Projects Proposition Realities of the Employers Hire a Value Skills Required exceed Rapidly Changing Proposition to Solve an Traditional Tool Box Job Marketplace Immediate Issue Are Demanding Technical Excellence Active Participation in requires, Managerial, Your Career Marketing and Management Presentation Skills… 7/7/2010 © 2010– 17
  18. 18. Your Resume Presenting a Convincing Argument •Build a resume addressing needs of target companies •Generic Resumes market general capabilities and experiences •Targeted resume: tuned to present you as a perfect fit for a specific job •Many sources for resume writing •Web,Colleges, DOL…. 7/7/2010 © 2010– 18
  19. 19. Cover Letter Presenting a Convincing Argument •Are you a good fit for the position? •Build a convincing cover letter to make it easy for the reviewer •State specifically how you meet or exceed key job requirements •Build your case, the compelling argument that drives an interview •Many formats for cover letters e.g. T-Letter 7/7/2010 © 2010– 19
  20. 20. Networking Building a network for your brand •Make contacts •Networking Groups in person •On-Line Groups •Network Tools •Use your network to make contacts in target companies •Find the hiring manager / HR manager / advocate / colleague •Exercise your network to get results 7/7/2010 © 2010– 20
  21. 21. Network Tool Example, who do you Know or can connect you? Linda Sue Xyz Corp Sally Metropolis , IL Alejandra 7/7/2010 © 2010– 21
  22. 22. Success Stories •Elissa ………… University Student Cornell University 2010 graduate •Unhappy with intern experiences, wrong career? •Not finding the job experience and environment she envisioned •How: Researching, Networking, tools to target companies •Result: Found “perfect match” for job experience she was seeking •Marty…………Mid career PhD Computer Scientist Boston March 2010 •Unexpected job loss in a down job market •Specialized skill only 3 employers in “his job universe”, none with openings •How: Network tools, leveraging his personal associations •Result: Discovered companies he didn’t know existed that matched his unique skills, re-employed in 4 months. 7/7/2010 © 2010– 22
  23. 23. Summary •Many people graduating today will have several Careers/Jobs •Become the business owner of your career; manage and grow it . •Constantly build your brand / value proposition in the market •Requires life long learning and skills development •Next steps: •Learn how to master network tools, presentation skills, general manager skills •Brand yourself: marketing, interview skills, resumes •Learn how to succeed on the job, staying current and viable •Develop your market plan; Identify gaps •Join professional network group offering skills development / opportunity 7/7/2010 © 2010– 23
  24. 24. © 2010–