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Gcit 1015 version(latest)

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Gcit 1015 version(latest)

  1. 1. Introduction of Apple iWatch ⬜ Chan Chun Yin 13204327 ⬜ Luk Long Hei 13200852 ⬜ Tse Man Ho 13200763 ⬜ Wong Hiu Tung 13209582
  2. 2. Content ⬜ Objectives ⬜ Background ⬜ Introduction of Apple iWatch ⬜ Comparison with other bands ⬜ Information Search ⬜ Mind Map ⬜ Survey Objective ⬜ Survey Questions ⬜ Survey Results & Analysis ⬜ Survey Conclusion ⬜ Video ⬜ Job Division
  3. 3. OVERVIEW Objectives Introduction of Apple iWatch Information Search Comparison with other bands Mind Map Survey Results & Analysis Video
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES 1. To introduce the Apple Watch 2. To investigate that how many people know about it 3. To find out how much people would like to pay for it
  5. 5. Features ⬜ More than a watch ⬜ New way to charging!! ⬜ All bases are made by Sapphire ⬜ Personalize your “desktop” of the iWatch ⬜ Definitive global time
  6. 6. Designs-- ⬜Apple iWatch - similar as the Apple iWatch Sport ⬜For citizens
  7. 7. Designs--Apple iWatch Sport ❏ Light weight ❏ Sport Band - durable and strong Made by Strengthened lon-X glass - soft--comfortable - For sportsmen
  8. 8. Design 3 --Apple iWatch Edition Modern Buckle Sport Band -made by 18-karat gold!! -Elegant as brand -For grand situations
  9. 9. Designs ➔Two sizes ➔ 38mm case ➔ 42mm case ➔Bands ➔ Link Bracelet ➔ Sport Band ➔ Classic Buckle ➔ Leather Loop ➔ Modern Buckle ➔ Milanese Loop
  10. 10. Function 1. Analysis your exercise thoroughly (HR, health and sport apps) 2. SIRI 3. GPS 4. Passbook 5. Send Message by speak 6. Calendar 7. Apple TV + iTunes 8. Listening music from iPhone 9. Timer 10.Alarm 11.Stock market 12.Weather 13.Reading Email 14.Gallery
  11. 11. Apple I-Watch (Features) Automatic ally change time zone according to your area Navigate Apple TV and control the iTuens library on Mac or PC from apple watch Messages , calls, and mail in apple i-watch Apple watch can remote camera and display live preview on your iPhone Built-in speaker and microphon e for chatting Control music on user iphone Digital touch features for a new way of conversatio n to apple watch users WatchKit Apps that can soon your favorite apps and enjoy them in dynamic new ways Workout App for recording calories, exercise minutes, goals and reminders when undergoing exercise Track the progress over time on I-devices Passbook keeps tickets, boarding passes, and loyalty cards together Apple pay that can replace the use of credit card Provide a voice controlling system called Siri that can ask to view your next event,, and more. World watch, Stocks and weather functions allow user to check the information instantly
  12. 12. Comparison (Other Brands Features) Samsung Gear Fit • Have changeable Bands • Connected Notification • Personalized Fitness Management • Device Compatibility Samsung Gear Live • Personalized Information for the user only • Android as operating system • Own exercise trainer(measurin g HR) • Wear in all condition Sony SmartWatch 3 • Android as operating system • Gyro and GPS sensor for users to keep track of users daily activities • 4GB memory for data storage Nike FuelBand • Compatible to use in both IOS and Android • Easy connection to all of your digital devices • Shows the intensity, frequency, regularity of user movement • Provide feedback after exercise
  13. 13. Conclusion (features) • Apple Watch has more functions → Apple pay → WatchKit App • More user-friendly → Can control i-devices and Mac products • Easier to use → Digital crown → Force Touch → Siri
  14. 14. Information search (Web) Search Result Key word: Apple r=yfp-t-900-hk&p=apple Key word: Apple watch “applications” r&ei=qWhLVLSjCoGL8QfnpIDoDQ#q =apple Key word: Apple watch and features / Key word: “Sony Smartwatch 3 review” 3-review Key word: Samsung watch
  15. 15. Search Result Key word: Samsung Gear site/gear/index.html Key word: “Review Apple watch” pple-watch-smartwatch,27636.html Key Word: Apple Watch user comments ple-watch-iwatch-designer-reactions/
  16. 16. Information Search (library) Search Strategies Library Resources Result Apple Watch News Article • Apple introduces Apple Watch http://0- ?pq-origsite=summon) • The Apple Watch cometh http://0- ?pq-origsite=summon Magazine • Joe Wilcox: Apple Watch http://0- pq-origsite=summon
  17. 17. Search Strategies Library Resources Results Apple watch and "features" News article • The Apple Watch cometh http://hkbu.summon.serials Apple+watch+and+%22feat ures%22 Journal article • Compare Apple’s Watch vs. Other Wearables – Interactive http://0- 0897598?pq-origsite= summon
  18. 18. Mind Map
  19. 19. SURVEY Objective ⬜ Survey Objective: 21 ⬜ all students ⬜ To find out how people know about Apple watch ⬜ To find out how much people would like to pay for it
  21. 21. There were 12 male and 9 female as subjects.
  22. 22. All subjects are teenagers and majority of them are aged 18- 24.
  23. 23. All subjects are student.
  24. 24. As most of them are students and teeanagers, their income are all lower than $10000 a month.
  25. 25. Around 70% of the subjects know about Apple Watch, only small amount of them didn’t know.
  26. 26. Half of the subjects known about Apple Watch said their got the information through Apple Advertisement, the others were from news and friends. Apple has done a good job in promotion through different pathways like media and its mainsite.
  27. 27. Samsung Watch is much famous around the subjects, few subjects heard about the watched manufactured by Fuel Band, LG and Sony Watch.
  28. 28. In real, 95% of the subjects denied to buy Apple Watch. Although the function of Apple Watch is applicable but it may be so expensive to afford as most of the subjects have low income.
  29. 29. With 7 as full mark, male subject gave a higher average score than female. Seems the application purpose of Apple Watch is much more suitable in male as majority of male will carry a watch everywhere, it is also a good aid in exercise like weather checking and music.
  30. 30. 12 subjects thought it is a watch, 10 called it is a aid on sports and exercise. 5 said it is a communication device, 4 said mobile phone and 1 said camera. Seems there was a misunderstanding of subjects on Apple Watch as Apple watch cannot not make phone call and take photos.
  31. 31. Video
  32. 32. Job Division Name Job Chan Chun Yin 13204327 Survey analysis, graphs Tse Man Ho 13200763 Effects, video, survey questions Luk Long Hei 13200852 Comparison of features with other brands, conclusion, information search Wong Hiu Tung 13209582 Objectives, background, introduction, features, designs and functions of iWatch
  33. 33. Thank you !!