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what the machine sees : (JSON )
"provider_url": "", "title": "Runaway (Teaser 3) ",
"url": "",
"html": "<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-
AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" id="ONFflvplayer-gama" height="337" width="518"><param
name=movie value=""><param
name=quality value=high><param name=allowfullscreen value="true"><param name=allowscriptaccess
value="always"><param name=autostart value="false"><param name=flashvars value=
eamNotFoundDelay=15&lang=en&getPlaylistOnEnd=true&embeddedMode=true"><embed src="http://" height="337" width="518" allowscriptaccess=
"always" allowfullscreen="true" autostart="false" flashvars="mID=IDOBJ5811&image=http://
eamNotFoundDelay=15&lang=en&getPlaylistOnEnd=true&embeddedMode=true" name="ONFflvplayer-
"author_name": "Cordell Barker",
"height": 337,
"width": 518,
"version": "1.0",
"thumbnail_width": 204,
"provider_name": "National Film Board of Canada / Office Nationale du Film du Canada",
"thumbnail_url": "
"type": "video",
"thumbnail_height": 115

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  • On a random note...updating this plugin. New slide soon!?
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  • @erob I forgot how much of a paranoid idiot you were, then I pulled this slide up and voila! "they" didn't want anyone to see the url in the first post, because it wasn't live yet. And that url doesn't drill down to the specific content that was embedded.
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  • so 2 guys represents the whole NFB ???

    bonus points if you understand why 'they' don’t want you to see the url in my previous post... :)
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  • The link on the slide #5 is incorrect, it should be but they don’t want you to see that apparently. Great work for hiding all thoses messy urls with oEmbed, but there’s (obviously) others ways for creating elegant urls without it. (hint: it’s a Django common mistake for newbies..)
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