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The 6 P's of Giving a Good Presentation

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Learn how co-found, Andrew Miller, gets ready for presentations to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible

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The 6 P's of Giving a Good Presentation

  1. 1. The 6 P’s of successful presentations
  2. 2. I am Andrew Miller I am here because I love to give presentations. Hello!
  3. 3. Unbounce Road Trip: New York Impostor
  4. 4. The 6 P’s Passion Purpose Planning Preparation Presentation Post-Event
  5. 5. Passion1
  6. 6. “ People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.
  7. 7. Demonstrate your Passion ◉ Pick a topic that you care about. ◉ You don’t have to be the world’s foremost expert. ◉ Apply your own perspective. You audience will sense your enthusiasm.
  8. 8. Purpose2
  9. 9. “ If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.
  10. 10. Determine your Purpose ◉ What do you want people to learn? ◉ How do you define success? ◉ What action do you want people to take? Every slide should have a reason to exist.
  11. 11. Planning3
  12. 12. “ It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.
  13. 13. Start with a Plan ◉ Know your venue, audience, and schedule. ◉ Find your primary research sources. ◉ Don’t think about slides, think about messages. ◉ Create a schedule and don’t procrastinate. An outline is easier to update than a deck.
  14. 14. Preparation4
  15. 15. “ All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.
  16. 16. Hope for the best, Prepare for the rest ◉ Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! ◉ Arrive early and test your A/V. ◉ Have a backup plan. ◉ Think of common questions & prepare answers. Winging it is not a good presentation strategy.
  17. 17. Presentation5
  18. 18. “ We worry about appearing awkward in a presentation. But up to a point, most people seem to feel more comfortable with less-than-perfect speaking abilities. It makes the speaker more human - and more vulnerable, meaning he is less likely to attack our decisions or beliefs.
  19. 19. Choose the right Presentation style ◉ Include an intro and conclusion. ◉ Support your main points with discussion, argument, or analysis. ◉ Replace words with images and icons. ◉ Visualize data and abstract concepts. Maximum information, minimal words.
  20. 20. Post-Event6
  21. 21. “ You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.
  22. 22. Schedule a Post-Event follow-up ◉ Solicit feedback from your audience. ◉ Share your presentation and handouts. ◉ Review a recording to find areas to improve. Reinforce your message and share your CTA.
  23. 23. The 6 P’s Passion Purpose Planning Preparation Presentation Post-Event
  24. 24. Anybody can presentAnybody can present effectively
  25. 25. Any questions ? Thanks!