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Highly Absorbent Kytocel Dressings

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Control minor bleeding on your wounds with Kytocel dressing available at Wound-Care. Heal your wound faster with the range of dressings with us.

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Highly Absorbent Kytocel Dressings

  1. 1. KYTOCEL DRESSING�- BEST SUITED FOR HEAVILY EXUDING WOUNDS� INTRODUCTION Kytocel dressings is a highly absorbent, conformable and haemostatic wound dressing composed of natural, biodegradable, chitosan fibers. It is easy to apply, maintain and remove. USAGE & BENEFITS KytoCel dressing is indicated for the management of moderate to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds. It can also be use for controlling minor bleeding in superficial wounds. WWW.WOUND-CARE.CO.UK EMAIL: INFO@AIDABILITY.COM WEBSITE: WWW.WOUND-CARE.CO.UK TELEPHONE: 0845 900 1309 ADDRESS: AIDABILITY LIMITED, PO BOX 482, STANMORE, MIDDLESEX, HA7 9HA WOUND-CARE'S