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Wound care bandages

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Wound Care supply an extensive range of branded bandages including Actico, Actiwrap, Clinilite, Elastocrepe etc. to protect open wounds and further injury.

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Wound care bandages

  1. 1. OF BANDAGES BY WOUND-CARE.CO.UK DIFFERENT TYPES We are offers Actico Cohesive Bandages by Wound- care. Its is an inelastic Compression Bandage and can be used for Leg Ulcers, Swollen Ankles and Legs. A C T I C O B A N D A G E S P R O F O R E Profore Bandages which is a multi layer compression bandage and is designed to deliver effective pressure. We are provides Viscopaste PB7 bandages which is a open weave and impregnated with a Zinc Oxide Paste bandages and can be used for Venous Leg ulcers. VISCOPASTE PB7 We specialize in wound care products like tubular bandages. Buy from the biggest online inventory of Clinifast Tubular Bandages at best online prices. T U B I G R I P Explore our website for 100% cotton�white extendable, textile elastic, highly twisted Hospicrepe crepe bandage used for applying pressure, support and relief bandaging of distortion and dislocations and for fixation. H O S P I C R E P E w w w . w o u n d - c a r e . c o . u k