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5 Unique Ways to Jumpstart Creativity - Sometimes, a creative block can get the best of you and you’re stuck thinking in circles. You seek inspiration but just find yourself retreading the same boring ideas. Here are 5 unique ways to jumpstart your ideas and your creativity.

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5 Unique Ways to Jumpstart Creativity

  1. 1. You can't turn your creativity on and off I ; like a light switch (unfortunately). It takes _ $3 inspiration, dedication, and sometimes ‘ I g a lot of patience. Here are some strategies I‘ j ‘I ' , _. you can turn to when "thinking outside the D » box" just isn't cutting it. Next time you're -n ’. stuck, just remember to ‘®~ E BORED rx Unplug and be idle. Not doing anything gives K’ A you the freedom to sit and think. Instead of , r~ * recycling the same ideas, daydream. I ' ' Let yourmind wander. " ‘ i! lrJ| i! D WITH A DRINK ‘’ Cheers to Don Draper! Studies[1] show that ~ re ‘ having a drink or two can improve your ability to think outside the box. Just don't get carried away. Too much drinking may result in an even bigger creative block. ..not to mention a headache. l'SPIRE WITH COLOR The colors blue and green boost creativity and productivity. Red helps with focus and concentra- ‘ , - I g tion. Looking outside once in a while or having L ‘ ' some desktop images readily available for * I inspiration can be a relaxing way to get those juices flowing. 5}; .v fifi L. » I ISTEN TO MUSIC ‘ ‘ _ ~. Turn down those dull ideas and turn up the music! I * T Listening to different styles of music can trigger different emotions and memories, often resulting j I g in some rockin' creativity. , RAW ON PAPER I7; ; ‘-‘-t ' Doodle your ideas! Sometimes having a pen I. K and a fresh piece of paper is enough to spark I T I unique ideas — and possibly some untapped drawing skills as well. ‘I -I BROUGHT TO YOU BY rrr: r:; ;:r 1' - Li . ""'i"‘. I Check out this companion article for tips on how to motivate yourself to get more done: Award-winning collaboration and lift? .I"’: -' _ “~ "m I 'v': I._I-’-n: , "-: ::: .~ project managementsoftware [1] Source: http: I/www. sciencedirect. com