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The science of productive breaks

When you are feeling overloaded, instead of pushing harder, a wise thing to do might be to take a short break. As we discussed in one of our previous posts, short breaks can revive your productivity and decrease tension. We looked deeper into the matter and put together some interesting facts, as well as practical advice on how to stay fresh and productive throughout the day. Here’s a guide to productive breaks in our new infographic!

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The science of productive breaks

  1. 1. How to Make Rest Work for ... Work! Are you afraid that water-cooler talks might threaten your efficiency? Numerous studies show quite the opposite! 6 Useful Ways to Spend a Break at Work Charge your brain with a quick snack 79% of workers believe coffee breaks make them more productive Spark a conversation! Informal chats with colleagues improve team spirit and boost productivity by 20% Take a nap to … stay awake! Just 10 minutes are enough to reduce sleepiness and to regain concentration Workers who periodically surf the web for personal purposes for a few minutes showed a 9% increase in productivity Google for fun Sources: ABC News • • The Business Journals • Challenge magazine • Forbes • Reuters • Businessweek • TalkAboutCoffee • The Atlantic • The Next Web • Working Well • The Workplace Doctors • The New York Times • Wrike Infographic brought to you by . Project management software that makes life easier. Why take breaks? of employees feel breaks have a positive effect on their productivity rank taking a break as one of the most powerful efficiency triggers of office workers say a short rest stimulates their creative thinking 71% 29%32% Rock productivity with music! Music with an upbeat rhythm can reduce stress by as much as 41% Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” and Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” were named as the top productivity-boosting songs of 2012 ~The Science of Productive Breaks~ Top recommended snacks for brain power Oatmeal with berriesPlain yoghurt Raw carrots Dark chocolateRaw nuts Peppermint tea Google provides dedicated napping rooms for its employees. Wrist stretch, palms down Wrist stretch, palms up Regular walks around the office Shoulder stretch, option 2 Shoulder and neck stretch Back stretch Side-to-side turn of neck Back and triceps stretch The most productive timing is taking a 6-minute break every 90 minutes How short should short breaks be? Workers receiving alerts to take breaks are 13% more accurate in their work Take breaks seriously Regular, short exercise helps 53% of employees to feel more active throughout the day and to be more focused in 42% of the cases. Get away from your desk and move 39% Encouragement from top management 25% Participation from a boss or colleagues 33% Making it part of a company’s culture 35% Offering a break during paid time What motivates us to take breaks? Dropbox’s office comes with a fully equipped music studio.