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  1. Starting Monday, April 2nd @12 PM EST & Running for 4-6 weeks
  2. A Utopia In My Heart & Voice4Society Blog Similar in what’s essential They both have a common theme, which is: Believing in Yourself
  3. A Utopia in My Heart Author: Bayley Paharik Main Character: Alicia Taylor Plot: Alicia is a thirteen-year-old African American girl growing up in New Orleans, LA. She sees her neighborhood being torn to pieces around her. How will she cope with the turmoil in her community? Find out by reading sections of this book on the Voice4Society Blog. Main Theme: Always believe in yourself no matter what!
  4. “A Utopia In My Heart” Cont. Goal: Inspire teen readers and to educate them on how horrible racism is through a powerful story Genre: Historical Fiction Target Audience: Young Adult
  5. Voice4Society Motto: “Bridging the Gap Between The Youth, Their Passions, & Their God” Goal: To encourage young people to be responsible through creative projects and positivity
  6. Voice4Society Channels of Communication Facebook: https:/www.facebook.com Voice4Society Blog: http://voice4society.wordpress.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/Voice4Society Email: voice4society@gmail.com
  7. Song Played During Presentation: “What A Wonderful World” Written by Louis Armstrong & Sung by Israel Kamakawio’Ole