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Silence the Stupid
Handling Online Hate Sites With Search-Fu
This presentation references content about
The Holocaust. Some content may be
Ian Lurie
Portent, a Clearlink Company
Portent is a digital agency
I started in 1995.
I just sold it.
If you don’t agree with my beliefs
regarding hate speech, and some of
my politics, I am about to piss you
off. I do not ap...
But use a spell checker.
You probably need one.
Photo from
Seriously. Spell checker.
Photo from some idiot
Glenn? Spell. Checker.
Photo from FOX News
Things that piss me off
Things that piss me off
Things that piss me off
Site Rank(ed) top 3 for Head Term “Jew”
200,000+ links
6,000+ unique domains
Big Bully?
Fight dirty
Time to tear out some links!
Step 1: Notify accidental boosters
Use the link
anlaysis tool of
your choice
Find the accidental boosters
Find the accidental
Find the linking pages
Recruit help
Give them a script
Watch the links disappear
(Citation removed)
Watch the links disappear
(spam link removed)
Links gone from 100 domains
Step 2: Dismantle site’s link profile
Check JewWatch’s link
profile by IP address.
264 linking domains on 1 IP
address? Not kosher.
Report it
Step 3: Dismantle supporting sites’ link profiles
They link to They’re
not going to take their links down.
Take a look at their link
profile. Is it kosher?
Nope. Over 1/2 their
links from one IP
Report it
May work, may not, but it took 15 minutes
Wait a second…
Waitaminute Linking site
Report it
Step 4: Boost competitors
Link ‘em
Step 5: Straight up kick their asses
Results? fell to #5
Since then, they’ve been buried
All us? Of course not
But I bet we helped
We made it easier on the algorithm
Holocaust Deniers
Thousands of sites
Holocaust Deniers
Shared theories and terminology
Site swarming tactics
We can’t get one site ranking for “holocaust”
We can get lots of sites ranking
for specific questions
Step 1: Find the shared
theories and terminology
About the
Claims &
Scrape Quora
Scrape Quora
Scrape QuoraScrape Quora
Scrape QuoraScrape Quora
“Did the Holocaust happen?”
“Is the Holocaust real?”
“Was the Holocaust real?”
“The 4 million variant”
Step 2: Check volumes
Step 3: Reserve domains
How paranoid are you?
Different registrars
Different IDs
Different hosting providers
Different IPs
I just threw them all up there on
one identity. Maybe I get caught
for setting up a blog network or
If Google b...
Step 4: Build simple sites
Why Jekyll?
It requires no server-side software
It’s text-based
Short learning curve
Still lets me use templates, etc.
Home page
Home page
Home page
No time to write yet
No time to write
Ask for a few links
boosters! Yay!
A little basic SEO doesn’t hurt, either
Entity strategy
Speed, etc.
Home page link
might be spammy,
but worth a try.
One 300-900 word article posted every 2
days for 2 weeks
2 weeks after
Denier sites
10 hours’ work
5 deniers pushed down 1 spot in the SERPs
1 denier pushed off page one
After 1 week of no writing
Denier sites
Longer-term Result
10 hours’ work
3 deniers pushed down 1 spot in the SERPs
1 denier pushed off page one
We didn’t get to do all of this
I’m OK with that
What I would do next
Bump up other sites by linking to them
Recruit other writers
Interlink sites
Well, yeah
Other techniques
Negative SEO? Use with caution
Crowdfunded purchase of available,
exact match, head term domains
Social content promotion
Too much smart-
assery, so no one
would help write
Disorganized recruiting
Hate sites are about SEO and content
We are good at SEO and content
Google can’t handle it
Take this deck. Use it as a
blueprint. Choose one
issue and devote 10-20
hours, total, to it.
Great communications can change the world
Ian Lurie
Tweet @portentint
View and download this deck:
Waitaminute Linking site
Waitaminute Linking site
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