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WSO2Con ASIA 2016: Creating Microservices with WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java

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Microservices architecture (MSA) is a trending topic and many organizations today are leaning towards it given its potential advantages. There are a number of frameworks available for microservices development. In this session, Azeez will introduce the Java framework for microservices development, MSF4J (Microservices Framework for Java). MSF4J provides the necessary framework and tooling for building an MSA solution. He will introduce some core features of MSF4J including the programming model, tooling & analytics.

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WSO2Con ASIA 2016: Creating Microservices with WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java

  1. 1. Crea%ng Microservices with WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java (MSF4J) A?ham Azeez, Director, Architecture WSO2 Inc.
  2. 2. What is MSF4J? A lightweight, high performance framework for building microservices in Java
  3. 3. Recap: Inner & Outer Architectures
  4. 4. Vision for MSF4J •  Lightweight & fast run%me •  Use Java annota%ons as a way of defining microservices APIs as well as metrics •  Support well known & widely used methods such as JAXRS annota%ons •  Provide simple ways to develop & deploy microservices •  Built-in Metrics & Analy%cs APIs with out of the box integra%on with WSO2 Data Analy%cs Server (DAS) •  To be used in the WSO2 plaVorm as a way of replacing all admin services as well as defining other microservices for inter-component interac%ons
  5. 5. MSF4J- Performance Comparison
  6. 6. MSF4J- Memory ConsumpEon Comparison
  7. 7. MSF4J ImplementaEon •  Transport is based on NeYy 4.0 •  Supports streaming •  High performance •  Low memory footprint •  5MB pack size •  Starts within 300ms
  8. 8. Download •  MSS 1.0.0 release is available at hYps:// •  Refer to the gebng started guide in GitHub •  A good place to start is the samples –  hYps://
  9. 9. Core Features in MSS •  Quick & simple development model using simple annota%ons •  Lightweight & high performance •  Custom interceptors •  JWT based security •  Metrics gathering & publishing •  Tracing of requests using a unique message ID •  Streaming input & streaming output support •  WSO2 DevStudio based tooling for genera%ng microservices projects star%ng from a Swagger API defini%on •  Comprehensive samples demonstra%ng how to develop microservices applica%on
  10. 10. MSF4J– Flow & Thread Model
  11. 11. Runner
  12. 12. Request Streaming
  13. 13. Security •  Security is done via a central server issuing JWT tokens •  The JWTSecurityInterceptor verifies the signature, expiry & claims in the token
  14. 14. AnalyEcs & Monitoring •  Supports annota%ons – Timed – measures execu%on %me – Metered – measures rate of events – Counted – Counts the total invoca%ons – HTTPMonitoring – monitors HTTP requests
  15. 15. AnalyEcs & Monitoring
  16. 16. Metrics Output to Console
  17. 17. JMX Metrics
  18. 18. AnalyEcs & Monitoring
  19. 19. Tooling (Swagger -> Code) Swagger API Defini%on MSS Code 1 2 3
  20. 20. MSF4J in AcEon! hYps://
  21. 21. MSF4J Pet store sample
  22. 22. MSF4J Pet store sample
  23. 23. Thank You