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Lightning Talk: PyCon Thailand 2019

  1. Who Am I? @iqbalabd ● Iqbal Abdullah ● Day job is running Xoxzo Inc, a cloud telephony platform based in Tokyo ● Involved in PyCons since 2010, and helped found PyCon JP and PyCon MY ● Travels around meeting other PyCon organizers and especially interested in the APAC region
  2. Saying Thank You Appreciating the emotional labour: OSS and community work
  3. We don’t talk about it enough
  4. Understand and acknowledge: “Open up your phone, your social media, your news, your medical records, your bank: They are all using free and public code”
  5. Some human numbers ★ On average we live to 80 years old or 700,800 hours ★ We sleep one third of that, or 233,600 hours ★ If we retire at 60 years of age, we spent 151,840 hours at work or study. ★ 58,400 hours (2 hours a day) for food/shower ★ We end up having around 9.3 years of “free time” before retiring, or 11% of our lifetime to do “other stuff” ★ This is where OSS magic and community work comes from
  6. Understand and acknowledge: Time is finite, we are mortal, and another mortal person is writing that code.
  7. Burnout is a real problem ★ Remember the 2014 heartbleed bug? It was introduced in 2011 but only found in 2014. ★ One underpaid and overworked person was responsible for the safety of one billion websites on the internet ★ We need to start by being aware of the problem and not take it for granted
  8. The many ways of saying thank you: Individuals ★ Say it by email or send flowers ★ Use the software and give constructive feedback ★ Improve the documentation ★ Make pull requests ★ Help new users ★ Organize meetups ★ Become a volunteer for PyCon
  9. The many ways of saying thank you: Companies ★ If you’re making money, donate ★ If you’re making much money, pay people to maintain projects ★ If you’re making much, much, much money, do all of the above ★ Tell the world that you’re donating, and to what projects
  11. Python projects to donate to ★ Django Software Foundation (DSF) ★ PyPI, the Python Packaging Index ★ Sphinx, the documentation tool ★ Read The Docs ★ httpie ★ Pandas ★ ...
  12. If you maintain OSS, Consider setting up a way to donate, or at least a way for the public to acknowledge you and say thank you.
  13. But it’s not only about money. It’s more complex. We need to collectively own this problem first.
  14. Thank You For a wonderful PyCon TH