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Presentation on need analysis in second language curriculum

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Presentation on need analysis in second language curriculum

  1. 1. Need Analysis in second Language Curriculum Presented by: Ram Shankar Yadav Kathmandu University School of Education (NEPAL)
  2. 2. Second language curriculum An organized and systematic plan for teaching and learning second language, or, As a tool in the hand of second language teacher to mould their student, so that they can get mastery over the TL. Contains mainly four aspects;1. Purpose: why to be taught ?2. Content : what to be taught?3. Method : How to be taught?4. Evaluation: assessing whether the purpose has been achieved, or, not.
  3. 3. Process of Developing L2 Curriculum  Refers to the process of developing second language curriculum.  According to Brown(1995), there are all together five stages to go through while making an effective curriculum for language teaching and learning.  they can be shown by following diagram juxtapose.
  4. 4. NEED ANALYSISEvaluation of Objectives Curriculum Selection & Selection & organization of Organization experiences of content
  5. 5. Need Analysis in Second Language Curriculum Is one of the important stage of the process of developing second language curriculum which is commonly called Need Assessment Is also a kind of research in itself, in the sense that, it makes a systematic queries to identify the needs. For example, curriculum developer makes use of questionnaire/some empirical activities for the collection of data to be analyzed so that he/she can point out the demands of learner. Brindly(1984), opines that needs under Need Analysis include wants, desire, demands, expectations, motivation, lacks, requirements, and aptitude of language learner.
  6. 6. Importance of Need Analysis Helps to know the demands of L2 learner/society, Helps curriculum developer to determine the objectives of second language curriculum, Paves a way for the second language teacher to be eclectic in language classroom, Also helps organizing the content for Second language curriculum.
  7. 7. Summary of Discussion Curriculum is the runway for second language teaching learning process, and Need Analysis is an inseparable part curriculum developing process, Without Need Analysis curriculum can not be effective and it may fail in identifying the goals of the curriculum, So, the research i.e. Need Analysis must be done while developing second language curriculum.
  8. 8. ReferenceBrown, J.D.(1995). The Elements of curriculum: A Systematic Approach to Program Development. Heinle& Heinle, Boston.Brindley, G.(1984). Need Analysis and Objective Setting in the Adult Migrant Program. Sydney: N.S.W. Adult Migrant Education service.

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