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Musafir hun yaaron prelimswith answers

India/travel and linving quiz. (Rendezvous-2013,IIT Delhi)

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Musafir hun yaaron prelimswith answers

  1. 1. prelims
  2. 2. 1.  A fourth century legend, often told to explain the birth of X, states that the pirate king, Raktabahhu, planned to attack Puri with a huge fleet of ships. To avoid detection, he stealthily anchored out of sight, off the mouth to the sea. The deception was revealed by ships' refuse floating to the shore, thus warning the town’s people, who escaped with all their possessions. Raktabahu felt betrayed when he found an abandoned town and directed his fury towards the sea that had betrayed him. The sea parted to let the army march in, then surged back, drowned the army and formed the X
  3. 3. Ans  Chilka Lake
  4. 4. 2.  ______ ______ is rock or pop music with a heavy Indian influence, either in its construction, its timbre, or its use of instrumentation, such as the sitar and tabla. More recently, scholars have included British rock music from the 1960s and 1970s that utilizes South Asian musical materials and instruments and Western ideas of South Asia.  Recently, a revival of sorts has been heralded by Western bands such as The Black Angels and The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Indian bands such as The Raghu Dixit Project, Agam and Swarathma, with an increasing blend of Western instruments with the traditional Indian ones-the flute and the sitar.
  5. 5. Ans  Raga rock
  6. 6. 3. Connect the countries shown in the map with an event in 2012.(Maldives is not visible)
  7. 7. ans  Nehru Cup participants in 2012. India won
  8. 8. 4.  The area enclosed by western ghats, eastern ghats, satpura and vindhya ranges gets its name from a word for a specific direction in prakrit language.  What is it called?
  9. 9. Ans  Deccan
  10. 10. 5.The Mughal emperor Babur noted that "[while] the flesh of  the leg of some fowls, and of the breast of others is excellent; the flesh of every part of the Kharchal is delicious". _______ was however a cryptic and wary bird making it a challenge for sportsmen, who had to stalk carefully (sometimes using covered bullock carts) to get within range. British soldiers in India considered it a delicacy and the species was among the top gamebirds. William Henry Sykes notes that they were common in the Deccan region where a "gentleman" had shot a thousand birds.  How is the bird, Kharchal orArdeotis nigriceps, better known to us?
  11. 11. Ans  Great Indian Bustard
  12. 12. 6. What is being mocked by this meme?
  13. 13.  Apple maps
  14. 14. 7.________ means King of Darkness, which is the title of X.  He lived 6000 years, and was the source of evil in the world. He intended to rule the world by spreading darkness, hatred, sin and evil. It was said that the source of his strength is one-half of the "Shakti Punj" which he managed to retain after he originally obtained the entire Shakti Punj by deceit from Shri Satya (Satya means truth). However, it is also mentioned that the source of his strength is the evil that is committed by people in this world.  He was killed by Shri Satya (who was the only person capable of killing him) who is reborn 6000 years later to fulfil his purpose  Id X
  15. 15. Ans  Tamraj Kilvish
  16. 16. 8.anunay ke pyaare pyaare  uttar men jab ek naad bhee uthaa naheen ______ se uthee adheer dhadhak paurush kee aag raam ke shar se _____ deh dhar traahi traahi kartaa aa giraa sharan men ... kshamaa shohtee us bhujang ko jiske paas garal ho usko kyaa jo dantheen, vishrahit, vineet saral ho  Lines from Ramdhari singh dinkar’s poem “Shakti aur kshama” depicting which incident from Ramayana?
  17. 17. Ans  The sea does not respond to Rama’s requests of granting him a passage to Lanka angered by which Rama threatens to destroy the sea itself
  18. 18. 9. connect
  19. 19. Ans  Nuclear tests by India  Shakti  Smiling Buddha
  20. 20. 10.  Since the flower of Ficus carica is invisible, there are various idioms related to it in languages around the world. In Hindi, this has inspired an idiom used for something rare or invisible
  21. 21. Ficus carica
  22. 22. ans  Gular ka phool
  23. 23. 11.  In March 1849, the area was annexed by the British after the Second Anglo-Sikh War, and soon a subsidiary cantonment for the troops stationed at ______ was established on the slopes of Dhauladhar, on empty land, with a Hindu resthouse or X; hence the name for the new cantonment, X.  ID X
  24. 24.  Dharamshala
  25. 25. 12.  The K family of missiles is a series of submarine- launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) developed by India to boost its second-strike capabilities and thus the nuclear deterrence. Information about this family of missiles has mostly been kept classified. "The classified 'K' missile family" is known as the "Black Project" which DRDO officials are covertly working on. It is reported that "the top secret indigenous "K" missiles are faster, lighter and stealthier.  What does the ‘K’ in K-series stand for?
  26. 26.  Kalam
  27. 27. 13.  X died in a plane crash on 17 August 1988. After witnessing a US M1 Abrams tank demonstration, X had left the small town in Punjab by C-130B Hercules aircraft. Shortly after a smooth takeoff, the control tower lost contact with the aircraft. Witnesses who saw the plane in the air afterward claim it was flying erratically, then nosedived and exploded on impact.  A number of intelligence agencies have been blamed for engineering the crash.  A book by mohammed Hanif, written in dark satirical style, was released in 2008 having a fictitious story behind the real life plane crash as its central theme  ID the book
  28. 28. Ans  A case of exploding mangoes
  29. 29. 14.  Identify the minimalist poster
  30. 30. Ans  Ab Tak Chappan
  31. 31. 15.  X was used, and dyed random colors, in some of the costumes for the Star Wars prequels, such as Mace Windu's (Samuel L. Jackson) attire  ID X which a kind of fabric  Hint: Chandi ka peekdan
  32. 32. Ans  Khadi
  33. 33. 16.  A born vegetarian, X, the book says, became non- vegetarian in 2005 while in China. According to her coach ____, when they found no vegetarian fare at a restaurant they were in, he told X to eat fish and crab.  ID X who has continued with her non vegetarian diet as only vegetarian food was not nutritional enough for training
  34. 34. Ans  Saina Nehwal
  35. 35. 17.  Tanmay Bhat along with Gursimran Khamba started X which is similar to Arunabh Kumar’s Y  In September 2013, a satirical Youtube Video made by Tanmay titled It's Your Fault featuring Z and Juhi Pandey went Viral with over 1.5 Lakh views in just 2 days.  Give X and Z for 1 point each
  36. 36.  All India Bakchod (AIB) and Kalki
  37. 37. 18.  2. The figure 90% is not a mathematical figure, it simply means that in my opinion a large proportion of _______ __ _______. 3. I never named you, nor any community, caste, or sect, and I never said that you are in the category of 90%. Hence I do not see how you are defamed.  The above text is from a letter written by X to some people who threatened to move court after he gave a certain statement  Who is the man and what is the controversy?
  38. 38. ans  Markandey katju and 90% of Indians are stupid
  39. 39. 19.  Indeed, some Indians seem to harbour a maleficient sense of entitlement that extends to calls demanding the ‘X*' in ‘X' be capitalised.  The above is an excerpt from an article in The Hindu bearing the headline “Would you just calm down about the ____ in the X?”  Recently in news. ID X
  40. 40.  boson
  41. 41. 20.  Often during early summer, dusty squalls followed by spells of thunderstorm and heavy rains lash the area, bringing relief from the humid heat. These thunderstorms are convective in nature, and is locally known as ___ _____  These convective thunderstorms are particularly common in Aw type of climatic regions in India  FITB
  42. 42.  Kal Baisakhi
  43. 43. This is the cover of Asterix and the magic carpet in which Asterix’s village is visited by an Indian fakir. What’s his name?
  44. 44. ans  Watziznehm
  45. 45. 22,  Baaz, Shamsheer, Gajraj, Vajra, Bison, Chetak  What are these?
  46. 46. ans  Indian names of imported IAF aircraft
  47. 47. 23.  X is the conscious policy of liquidating indigenous culture through the planned substitution of the alien culture of a colonizing power via the education system. The term is derived from the name of British politician _____ (1800-1859), an individual who was instrumental in the introduction of English as the medium of instruction in the higher education of India
  48. 48. Ans  Macaulayism
  49. 49. 24.  The X is a geologic structure, which is hypothesized by Sankar Chatterjee and colleagues to be a 500 km in diameter impact structure. This geologic structure consists of the Bombay High and Surat Depression. They lie beneath the Indian continental shelf and the Indian Ocean west of Mumbai, India. The impact causing its formation has been associated with the extinction of dinosaurs.  What apt name has been given to it?
  50. 50. Ans  Shiva crater
  51. 51. 25.  In 2001, Deepti Bhatnagar ventured into television production with the travel shows X, a religious travel guide show and Y, an around the world travel guide show, both aired on STAR Plus. She also hosted both the shows. She visited around 80 countries in 6 years for Y.  ID X and Y
  52. 52.  X- yatra  Y- musafir hu yaaron