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Student Company Project Presentation Marking sheet

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A student Presentation Marking sheet

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Student Company Project Presentation Marking sheet

  1. 1. ‘Evidence’ - Key Questions Marks Student Number 100 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 131. Student Report – 25 marks maxDoes it Effectively Communicate:- The nature of the work? 0-5 Their Contribution to the Company? 0-15 The context of the Companys business? 0-52. Company Statement – 10 marks 0-5 Does it recognize the student’s achievement and add materially to the evidence of contribution? 0-5 Has the student been valued by the company3. Student presentation (including handout use of visual/audio media - 60 marksDoes it effectively communicate:- The nature of the students work? 0-5 Their contribution to the company? 0-15 The context of the Company’s business? 0-5 0-10 Does it add significantly to the earlier evidence of contribution?How does the student rate in terms of: Clarity of technical input? 0-5 Structure of talk? 0-5 Presentation skills? 0-5 Effective use of visual media 0-5 Effective use of audio media 0-54. Overall – 5 Marks How do you rate your overall impression? 0-5 TOTALS