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Social Media 101

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An introduction to social media for business use. Identifies ways B2B and B2C businesses can utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google to interact with consumers.

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Social Media 101

  1. 1. An introduction to social media for businessBy Yasheaka Oakley
  2. 2. About Yasheaka Cheyney University, 2011  Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts  Public Relations  Minor - Graphic Design Kent State University, 2014  Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communications  Public Relations
  3. 3.  Public Relations  Social Media  Content Development  Facebook  Media Relations  Google+ Online Marketing  LinkedIn  Email Marketing  Twitter  Web Management  WordPress Blogging
  4. 4. Social Media for Business Engaging in social media is time consuming, it’s not a one-and-done effort—it’s a commitment Social media isn’t a quick fix or short-term public relations or marketing tool Businesses should always keep their target audience in mind when engaging current or potential customers via social media If your customers aren’t using a social network, then you shouldn’t be either!
  5. 5. Social Media for Business Purpose 1: Sharing  Funny cat photos your followers enjoy  Links to articles that keep your followers informed Purpose 2: Promotion  Information on company discounts, promotions, contests, etc. Purpose 3: Interaction  Interact with customers and provide consumer support for complaints, questions, etc.
  6. 6. “Focus on developing aquality network that can actually help you achieve your goals.” - Patrice-Anne Rutledge, author of Using LinkedIn
  7. 7. The Big Four At the very least, you must have a presence on “the big four”  Facebook  Google  LinkedIn  Twitter Learn how to craft a conversation for each
  8. 8. FacebookFacebook is themost addicting ofthe social networkswith 23% of itsusers checkingtheir account fiveor more timesevery day. -Edison Research
  9. 9. Facebook for Business Consumers are  Facebook Fan Pagesmore likely to trust  Brand worth measured in “Likes” messages shared  Facebook Want Buttonby their friends &  47% of Americans say family than a Facebook has the brand. greatest impact on their purchase behavior Edison Research - Stephen Herskovitz
  10. 10. Facebook Fan Pages Facebook has become less about people connecting, and more about promotion and advertising.
  11. 11. GoogleA versatile suite ofproducts, apps, andservices that canoptimize yoursearch engine(SEO) rank andstreamline yourbusiness at the sametime!
  12. 12. Google for Business Google includes:  Google+ “Google Analytics  Google Blogger is used by over  Google Mail (Gmail) 50% of the top  Google Calendar  Google Analytics 10,000 websites  Google Drive / Docs in the world.”  Google Maps / Places - Lou Dubois,  YouTube
  13. 13. LinkedInGrowing at a rate of 2new members persecond, LinkedInhas become thefastest growingnetwork forprofessionally-minded individuals. -
  14. 14. Stand Out Professionally LinkedIn accounts that are 100% complete are 40 times more likely to get found in a LinkedIn search Finishing your profile takes some time, but it is mandatory for success
  15. 15. LinkedIn Checklist 1. Professional Photo 2. Unique Headline 3. 2-3 Past Positions 4. Profile Summary 5. Education 6. 5 Special Skills 7. 2 LinkedIn Recommendations
  16. 16. TwitterTwitter is the socialplatform most userswould utilize toshare yourcontent—notsurprising when it’susers send over 750tweets per second. -
  17. 17. Twitter for Business Create a balance of tweets to avoid “Twitter Jail” i.e. account suspension BufferApp suggests sending only 4 tweets per day and will schedule your posts for times with the most online activity
  18. 18. Twitter for Business  Consumers complaining via social media expect a response within 30 minutes regardless of the time of day, but more than 56% are being ignored on Twitter - AllTwitter
  19. 19. Social Sharing on The Big Four  How likely are users to share your content?  It depends on the platform!  Infographic shows sharing for every 100 million users per networkResearch by
  20. 20. Link Your Profiles to Build Networks Include your social URLs on your …  Blog  Website  Resume  Email Signature  Business Cards  Other Social Networks
  21. 21. An Easy Resource Infographic: Social Media Statistics and Facts of 2012 by Go-  Covers: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+
  22. 22. Connect with Yasheaka Google search “Yasheaka Oakley” Sign up now and get FREE Social Media tips: