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(Youthlab indo) Youth Trend 2016 Kaleidoscope

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Youth Trend Kaleidoscope is back! 2016 was just passing us by, so see back to back of the Indonesian Youth Trend in 2016.

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(Youthlab indo) Youth Trend 2016 Kaleidoscope

  1. 1. Photo courtesy: Tara TalitaWrittenby:TaraTalita
  2. 2. Founded in 2009,Youthlab is the first factory an d repository of youth insight in indonesia. com promised of multi-talented youths of various b ackground, the research and consulting compa ny helps corporations and organizations create precious connection with the fickle yet preciou s market segment. Through contemporary methodological approa ch we help you create a dialogue-collaboration with the youths of Indonesia in the most effici ent manner. We Here to Make that happen to you >About The Author< Youth Laboratory Indonesia Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  3. 3. >About The Author< Founder of Youth Laboratory, Expert on youth research, PhD in Psychology, book writer and lecturer on psychology since 2007. Started his venture on youth research in 2008 with a l arge scale qualitative approach on Indonesia Youth Political Aspiration Expert in research management with years of experience in t he field of public opinion research. She's also involved with a thlete management at the national level. A scholarship grant ee at Seoul National University for sports management with thesis on community sports role among youth segment in In donesia. Author Of the serial slides report ‘Indonesian Youth trends Kaleidoscope’. Tara Talita Muhammad Faisal Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  4. 4. For Indonesian youth, doing sport is not only for health reason, but the biggest part is because it is a part of lifestyle, it is an urban need and they want to be exist. Some conventional sports such as badminton that considered as one of the most popular sports in Indonesia is now declining in terms of younger athlete regeneration. it does not have social values that lifestyle sports could offer. Social values here means that when youth do certain sports could become their fashion statement or attribute. They could even feel significant when they post it in social media. These are the urban lifestyle sports that gained popularity in 2016: Urban Lifestyle Sport Youth Laboratory Indonesia Acroyoga (yoga + acrobatics) Freeletics Trampoline Sport
  5. 5. Actually the trend of vlogging or Video Blogging started since early 2015. However, the vlog makers or they called it vloggers are significantly increasing in 2016. Either vlogging in YouTube or Snapchat, they create a free story related with their style or attribute they want to be associated with. For example one vlogger focus on fashion, the other on food & culinary and most of the vlogger are telling about their daily lives One of the famous vlogger in Indonesia is Kaesang Pangarep, the son of Indonesian President, his vlog channel is PILOK and he often include President Jokowi in his video. The Vlog, Vlogging and Vloggers Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  6. 6. Pokemon Go is the game released by Nintendo. What makes it unique is this game requires you to get off your coach or bed and go outside, either walking, running or you can even using your bike. The mission is to find the closest Pokemon for you to catch, with the helps of GPS of course. So in the screen you will see yourself as an avatar, then when you walk, your avatar will also walk to the point directed in the game. Pokemon Go (going back and away again) Youth Laboratory Indonesia However this is the one thing that hit and run in 2016 trend for Indonesian youth; it was a huge hit for the first few months after it launched but now it seems to dissolve and replace by another trend. Only the loyal gamers will still be playing it
  7. 7. After ice bucket challenge trend a few years ago, last year was the time for The Mannequin Challenge to be the next big thing. It started with some teenagers in the US. They performed the Mannequin Challenge in their high school and it become viral. Actually, the challenge only require people to remain frozen in action or whatever they are doing, just like a mannequin, then a camera films them. The Mannequin Challenge Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  8. 8. Korean Drama always find its way to reach the heart of the K-Drama lovers In the early 2016 was the time for Descendant of the Sun which feature Song Joong Ki as captain Yoo Si-Jin in the army, and the latest one is Guardian: The Lonely and Great God played by the famous korean actor Goog Yoo as a goblin The popular Korean Dramas has domino effect in other trend such as music, hairstyle and fashion trend From Army to Goblin; K-Drama rules! Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  9. 9. Still related with Korean pop culture wave, fashion trend heavily influenced as well. Choker Necklace is one of them. I still remember the trend of choker necklace in the early 2000s then after a while it was replaced by another fashion trend The korean actress, TV drama star or singer like Kim Taeyeon brought back the trend of choker necklace. Indonesian selebgram (instagram celebrity) like emilydevita, also popularize the trend of choker necklace in Indonesia. The Return of Choker Necklace Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  10. 10. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, worldwide sales of wearable devices went up 163 percent in 2015 over 2014, and is expected to keep climbing. Basic features of smart phones such as messaging and call function as well as additional features such as GPS, heart rate monitoring and all the biometrics tracking are the main features in the smart watches. The New Fashion Statement: Smart Watches! Youth Laboratory Indonesia Smart watches and fitness trackers are the new fashion statement. it is the next level of mobile trend. It could easily be connected with your compatible smart phones. For example apple watch with iphone or android wear with samsung.
  11. 11. If you checked your instagram or path these days, you will most likely to see this kind of video, called video boomerang. Just like the name, it replaying back and forth. The Boomerang app takes bursts of photos and then stitches them together into a HD video loop. The loop starts to play forward but then plays backward, creating a neat, GIF- like video. Boomerang videos do not include audio. Video Boomerang Youth Laboratory Indonesia Boomerang is a new app created by the team behind the creator of instagram. Instagram's take on Boomerang is a mini video that plays forward and backward.
  12. 12. We all know this overnight viral sensations with the ‘toxic’ song "PPAP" or "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen." It has taken over Asia including Indonesia. The track is put out by 40 year-old Japanese comedian Kosaka Daimaou, who goes by the fake name DJ Pika-Taro. It's called a "brainwash" because of its repetitive and catchy lyrics, similar to the trend of Gangnam Style by PSY a few years ago. Pen, Pineapple, Apple Pen Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  13. 13. Most of the trends discussed here is like a repetition of the previous trend, back in the 1990s or 2000s. This trend of reverse word belong the 90s generation and reproduced again in the past couple of years. it started with Woles around 2014, the reverse word of Selow (slow / cool) The Reverse and Acronym Words of 2016 Youth Laboratory Indonesia In 2016 the trending words were: Ucul, the reverse word of Lucu (Funny) or Sokil Gob is Gokil Sob (You’re Crazy in a fun way) and Takis is Sikat (Go for it!) Another pattern is acronym words such as ‘Baper’ the abbreviation of Bawa Perasaan (this word would be weird if translated in english but the closest one is when someone get a hard feeling over something).
  14. 14. Talking about the trend in 2016, we surely do not want to leave this out of the list. Om Telolet Om (“sir honk the horn sir” in English) is an Indonesian expression used to ask bus drivers to honk as they pass by on the road, many of which are equipped with novelty musical horns. In December 2016, videos of people yelling “om telolet om” a passing bus drivers began widely circulating online, leading various electronic music artists to tweet the Indonesian expression and remake the expression as well. Om Telolet Om Youth Laboratory Indonesia
  15. 15. What is the next steps? Visit our web for more info Or contact: