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Overhead and gantry cranes safe operating procedures

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Overhead and gantry cranes safe operating procedures

  1. 1. Overhead and Gantry Cranes safe operating procedures
  2. 2. Overhead and Gantry Cranes safe operating procedures • One , should be carefully checked before driving machinery and equipment, electrical parts and protective safety device is intact and reliable. If the primary attachment controller , brakes, stopper , bells , emergency switches and other failures , is prohibited hoists . • Second, members must obey the command signal , but the emergency stop signal given to anyone , should immediately stop. • Third, the driver must be able to conduct operations after confirmation command signal , preceded by car -ringing . • Fourth, when approaching hoist limit switch, the size of the car near the terminal or meet with the neighboring lane , the speed to slow. Allowed to use instead of reversing brake limiter instead of parking switch, emergency switch instead of an ordinary switch. • Fifth, should walk up and down the aisle on security , dedicated site or escalator provisions . Carts on both sides of the track are not allowed to walk outside in addition to maintenance . Forbidden to walk on the trolley tracks. Not allowed to cross from one gantry crane to another crane. • Sixth, stop work shall not be lifting objects hanging in the air to stay. Operation, the ground put someone or hanging off the warning bells should sound . Prohibited substance in a person's head hanging cross . Lifting objects from the ground may not be too high. • Seven , two crane while lifting an object, to obey the command , in unison . • Eight runs, to maintain a certain distance between the crane and the crane . • Nine , maintenance 150 ton crawler crane against a safe place to be , cut off the power , hang " prohibition and gates ," the warning signs . Ground to set up fences and hanging " closed to traffic " sign. • Ten, when lifting heavy objects tonnages should first try hanging slightly off the ground , hanging confirm stable braking is good, then rise slowly to run. Allowed simultaneous operation of three control handle . • XI, crane operation, prohibited people from top to bottom . Also allowed for maintenance and adjustments at runtime. • XII running a sudden power failure occurs , the switch handle must be placed "0 " bit. Lifting parts or not put locks are not decoupled , not allowed to leave the cab. • XIII runtime failure caused due to sudden decline when hanging pieces must take urgent measures to no place to land. • XIV, open-air crane in case the storm , lightning or high winds more than six should stop working, turn off the power , the front and rear wheels should be firmly card game pad . • Fifteen , night work should have adequate lighting. • Sixteen , gantry cranes in addition to the implementation of these provisions should also pay attention to whether the obstacle when driving on the track ; sides should set up special surveillance and command and tall when lifting objects obstruct the line of sight . • Seventeen , the driver must be carefully done "Ten is not hanging ." • 1 , does not exceed the rated load hanging ; • 2, the command signal is unknown, weight unknown , dim light does not hang ; • 3 , slings and accessories tied strong, does not comply with the safety rules are not suspended ; • 4 , crane hanging heavy lifting is not processed directly , • 5 , pull Xiegua not hanging crooked ; • 6 , stand on the workpiece or workpiece floating crane stood there live animals are not ; • 7 , oxygen bottles, acetylene generators and other explosive items are not hanging ; • 8, with notched edges are not really hanging mats ; • 9 , the buried object is not suspended ; • 10 , liquid or fluid costumes are not hanging too full . • Eighteen , work completed, crane should be stopped at a predetermined position , raised hook, trolley tracks open to both ends , and the control handle to place a "0 " bit , cut off the power .
  3. 3. 15 items assembled crane operations should be noted • 1 , when lifting heavy objects , hook wire rope should remain vertical , oblique allowed to drag the object to be hung . • 2 , the heavy lifting should identify the center of gravity , and tied securely . There are acute application skids pad. • 3 , the heavy lifting off the ground is not in front of the crane is not doing rotary motion . • 4 , when lifting or lowering heavy , steady speed should be uniform to avoid drastic changes in speed , causing heavy in the air, swinging , dangerous. When falling weight , speed, not too fast, so as not to break heavy landing . • 5 , crane hoists in the case , 25 ton crane for sale try to avoid the ups and downs arm . In the case must hoist arm when landing , from 50% by weight shall not exceed the specified weight. • 6 , when the crane lifting heavy rotation in the case , should pay close attention to whether there are obstacles around , if it should try to avoid or remove obstructions . • 7 , under the crane boom may not have staff to stay , and try to avoid people through . • 8 , two cranes operating on the same track , the distance between the two planes should be more than 3m. • 9 , two cranes lifting an object when combined , can not exceed two from the weight of the total from 75% by weight of the two cranes walk the line , dipping the action to be consistent . • 10 , lifting, luffing rope need to check once a week , and make records , according to the specific requirements of the implementation of the relevant provisions of the lifting rope . • 11 , walk the line or turning when empty hook to more than 2m from the ground . • 12 , when the wind more than six , should immediately stop work . TMK arm should go off downwind and appropriately low , the hook hanging in prison. Gantry shall lay iron wedge ( only rail ) , and rose to ceiling hook . Meanwhile shut doors and windows , turn off the power , pull good wind cable ropes. Usually after work should also do the same . • 13 prohibited the stacking ladle crane platform miscellaneous objects even prevent fall injuries in the operation , frequently used tools should be placed in the operating room dedicated toolbox. • 14 , running, allowed a sudden shift or turn the clock back , to avoid heavy swing in the air , are not allowed to operate simultaneously over two items ( including auxiliary hook ) operating mechanism . • 15 , while driving , hand operator shall not leave the controller , when a sudden failure of the operation , measures should be taken to a safe landing weight , then cut off the power for repairs. Repair and maintenance in operation is prohibited .