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Characteristics of Indonesia Middle-Class Consumer - The 8 Faces

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Characteristics of the 8 segments of the Indonesia middle-class consumer developed by Center for Middle-Class Consumer Studies (CMCS)

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Characteristics of Indonesia Middle-Class Consumer - The 8 Faces

  1. 1. Indonesia www.consumer3000.netMiddle-Class Consumer Characteristics of IndonesiaCenter for Middle-Class Consumer Studies (CMCS) Supported by : Invent.ure SWA Magazine Middle-Class
  2. 2. SEGMENTS THE ASPIRATOR THE PERFORMER THE EXPERT THE CLIMBER THE TRENDSETTER THE FOLLOWER THE SETTLER THE FLOW-ER To be a role model among Great achievement, career To have stand out To be exist in their1. HOPE/DREAMS Life compassion To get financial freedom their friend and the To have peace in live To get a better life and business expertise among peers community community Getting a better job for2. IMPORTANCE FACTOR A better society, nation Career and business The highest standard Influencing community the better life of their Following the trend Religion and spirituality Success of their childrenIN LIFE and world achievement expertise and friend family3. PERCEPTION ABOUT Life is about contribution Life is about leading Life is about stability and Life is about struggling and Life is about competition Life is about learning Life is about striving Life is about conformityLIFE and inspiring others others security flowing Global values, Lifetime learning, Riding the trend, be the Harmony seeker, achievement, expertise building, Hardworking, high Acceptance seeker, Security in life, family is Universal values, first, frontier among conservative, comfort,4. NORMS AND VALUES competition, self professional productivity, family togetherness, friends is everything, keep humanism friends and community, respect traditional values, actualization, result- acknowledgement, orientation everything traditional values competition spiritual driven, risk-taking continuous improvement Make contribution to the Stay ahead in their Better social economic Balancing material and5. MOTIVATION society, nation and the Personal growth Frontier of the trend Community acceptance Life security and stability professional expertise class spiritual life world Worsen world Cannot cope with the Alienation and being6. WORRIES AND Unable to catch up the Lack of resources to catch Lack of benevolence in Accelerated change and (environment, values, competition (career, Loss the family time ignored by friends orANXIETIES latest expertise up the trend facing the day of the death life complexity morality, etc) business, etc.) community Connect with universal Involve in community for Maintain professional Being the center of Involve in the ethnic, Build and maintain family Make relevance with Foster their big family7. SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP issues, involve and active self-actualization and network to sharpen community (being the religion, and harmony/intimacy community and friends relationship in public interest career development competencies center of attention) neighbourhood society Achieve highest education Build childrens multiple Less visionary, egalitarian, Treat childrens education Open minded, purposive. Narrow minded, directive. possible, conservative,8. PARENTING STYLE intelligence, open minded, Practical, pragmatic, job- Less visionary, egalitarian, "laizes faire", push as a status, traditional, Achievement is important Competence-building is religion-oriented,(EDUCATION FOR THEIR democratic, egalitarian, seeking orientation. Skill- children happiness is themselves to fulfil their less visionary. "Education (be the best in academic important (still academic authoritarian. Spiritual &CHILDREN) dialogue. Character building is important everything childrens wants (material as a social status" is score) score focused) family values are building is important. things) important important Longterm investment in Smart investment in fast- Prudent investment in High-yield, riskier conservative portfolios yield, short-term9. ASSET MANAGEMENT basic portfolios (e.g. Limited investment investment (e.g. stock, Limited investment (e.g. Traditional investment Limited investment (e.g. (eg. deposit, stock, govt. portfolios (eg. mutualPATTERN deposit, govt. obligation, (saving, gold, etc.) forex, corporate saving, mutual fund, etc.) (land, property, gold, etc.) Saving, gold, etc.) obligation, mutual fund, fund, unit link, deposit, land, property, gold, etc.) obligation, property, etc.) gold, property, etc.) etc.) Socialize with their Socialize with their Competence building Gathering, sharing, Regularly socialize with community; learning community; learning (seminar, symposium, chatting with family friends (at high-end mall, Actively involve in religion (reading, seminar, etc.), (reading, seminar, etc.); workshop, etc.); members; occasional cafe, etc.); info and apps Regularly socialize with community (e.g. info and apps searching in info and apps searching in Regularly socialize with big11. EXTRA-ACTIVITIES networking with peers; family refreshing (e.g. zoo, searching in the internet their friends (at school, "pengajian"), ethnic the internet; refreshing the internet; annual family (e.g. arisan) and(NON-ROUTINE socialize with big family beach, 2nd-class mall, (about trend in fashion, mall, 7-Eleven, etc.); social community, and (holiday, yoga, art holiday (iedul fitri, religion community (e.g.ACTIVITIES) (occasionally); social etc.); annual holiday (iedul gadget and lifestyle); networking (Twitter, neighbourhood activities exhibition, theater christmas, etc.); social "pengajian") networking (Facebook, fitri, christmas, etc.); social networking (Twitter, Facebook and Youtube). (e.g. RT, RW, village social performance, etc.); social networking (Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare and social networking Facebook, Instagram, activities) networking (Twitter, blogging, LinkedIn and BBM). (Facebook). Foursquare, BBM, etc.). blogging and BBM). BBM). Global and national issues "How to" information Technical knowledge Popular news (e.g. politic, Religion-related Religion-related (politics, social-economic, about career and business, Popular news and Popular news and related to their expertise; criminal, entertainment, information and information and environment, human etc.; information about information about information about popular news (politic, celebrity gossip, etc.); knowledge; Popular news knowledge; Popular news right, etc.); information their hobbies (e.g. lifestyle, fashion, gadget, lifestyle, fashion, gadget, social-economic, information about their (e.g. criminal, (e.g. criminal,11. TYPICAL about health, leisure, and photography, gadget, entertainment, and entertainment, and entertainment, celebrity hobbies (e.g. motorcycle, entertainment, celebrity entertainment, celebrityINFORMATION NEEDS their hobbies (e.g. books, apps, music, travelling, celebrity gossip celebrity gossip gossip, etc.) gardening, etc) gossip, etc.) gossip, etc.)AND MEDIA art, collectible, etc.) etc.) Media: Desktop, mobile Media: Desktop, mobile Media: Desktop, mobile Media: Desktop, mobile Media: Desktop, mobile Media: Desktop, mobile Media: Desktop, mobile Media: Desktop, mobile handset, tablet, television, handset, tablet, television, handset, tablet, television, handset, television, radio, handset, tablet, magazine, handset, television, handset, television, handset, television, newspaper, magazine, newspaper, magazine, newspaper, magazine, newspaper, magazine, etc. etc. magazine, etc. newspaper, etc. newspaper, etc. books, etc. books, etc. books, etc.
  3. 3. SEGMENTS 1. HOPE/DREAMS 2. IMPORTANCE FACTOR IN LIFE 3. PERCEPTION ABOUT LIFE 4. NORMS & VALUES Life is about contribution & inspiring THE ASPIRATOR Life compassion A better society, nation & the world Universal values, humanism others Global values, achievement,THE PERFORMER Great achievement, career & business Career & business achievement Life is about competition competition, self actualization, result- driven, risk-taking Lifetime learning, expertise building, To have stand out expertise among THE EXPERT The highest standard expertise Life is about learning professional acknowledgement, peers continuous improvement Getting a better job for the better life Hardworking, high productivity, family THE CLIMBER To get financial freedom Life is about striving of their family orientation Riding the trend, be the first, frontier To be a role model among their friendTHE TRENDSETTER Influencing community & friend Life is about leading others among friends and community, & the community competition Acceptance seeker, togetherness, THE FOLLOWER To be exist in their community Following the trend Life is about conformity friends is everything Harmony seeker, conservative, THE SETTLER To have peace in life Religion & spirituality Life is about stability & security comfort, respect traditional values, spiritual Security in life, family is everything, THE FLOW-ER To get a better life Success of their children Life is about struggling & flowing keep traditional values
  4. 4. 8. PARENTING STYLE (EDUCATION SEGMENTS 5. MOTIVATION 6. WORRIES & ANXIETIES 7. SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP FOR THEIR CHILDREN) Build childrens multiple intelligence, Make contribution to the society, Worsen world (environment, values, Connect with universal issues, involve open minded, democratic, egalitarian, THE ASPIRATOR nation and the world morality, etc) and active in public interest dialogue. Character building is important Open minded, purposive. Achievement Cannot cope with the competition Involve in community for self-THE PERFORMER Personal growth is important (be the best in academic (career, business, etc.) actualization and career development score) Narrow minded, directive. Competence- Stay ahead in their professional Maintain professional network to THE EXPERT Unable to catch up the latest expertise building is important (still academic expertise sharpen competencies score focused) Build and maintain family Practical, pragmatic, job-seeking THE CLIMBER Better social economic class Loss the family time harmony/intimacy orientation. Skill-building is important Being the center of community (being Less visionary, egalitarian, childrenTHE TRENDSETTER Frontier of the trend Lack of resources to catch up the trend the center of attention) happiness is everything Less visionary, egalitarian, "laizes faire", Alienation and being ignored by Make relevance with community and THE FOLLOWER Community acceptance push themselves to fulfil their childrens friends or community friends wants (material things) Treat childrens education as a status, Lack of benevolence in facing the day Involve in the ethnic, religion, and THE SETTLER Balancing material and spiritual life traditional, less visionary. "Education as of the death neighbourhood society a social status" is important Achieve highest education possible, conservative, religion-oriented, THE FLOW-ER Life security and stability Accelerated change and life complexity Foster their big family relationship authoritarian. Spiritual & family values are important
  5. 5. 9. ASSET MANAGEMENT 10. EXTRA-ACTIVITIES (NON-ROUTINE SEGMENTS 11. TYPICAL INFORMATION NEEDS & MEDIA PATTERN ACTIVITIES) Socialize with their community; learning Global and national issues (politics, Longterm investment in (reading, seminar, etc.), info and apps social-economic, environment, human Media: Desktop, mobile handset, conservative portfolios (eg. deposit, searching in the internet; refreshing (holiday, THE ASPIRATOR right, etc.); information about health, tablet, television, newspaper, stock, govt. obligation, mutual fund, yoga, art exhibition, theater performance, leisure, and their hobbies (e.g. books, magazine, books, etc. gold, property, etc.) etc.); social networking (Twitter, blogging and art, collectible, etc.) BBM) Socialize with their community; learning "How to" information about career Smart investment in fast-yield, (reading, seminar, etc.); info and apps Media: Desktop, mobile handset, and business, etc.; information aboutTHE PERFORMER short-term portfolios (eg. mutual searching in the internet; annual holiday (iedul tablet, television, newspaper, their hobbies (e.g. photography, fund, unit link, deposit, etc.) fitri, christmas, etc.); social networking magazine, books, etc. gadget, apps, music, travelling, etc.) (Twitter, blogging, LinkedIn and BBM) Competence building (seminar, symposium, Technical knowledge related to their Prudent investment in basic workshop, etc.); networking with peers; Media: Desktop, mobile handset, expertise; popular news (politic, social- THE EXPERT portfolios (e.g. deposit, govt. socialize with big family (occasionally); social tablet, television, newspaper, economic, entertainment, celebrity obligation, land, property, gold, etc.) networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare magazine, books, etc. gossip, etc.) and BBM) Gathering, sharing, chatting with family Popular news (e.g. politic, criminal, members; occasional family refreshing (e.g. Media: Desktop, mobile handset, Limited investment (saving, gold, entertainment, celebrity gossip, etc.); THE CLIMBER zoo, beach, 2nd-class mall, etc.); annual television, radio, newspaper, etc.) information about their hobbies (e.g. holiday (iedul fitri, christmas, etc.); social magazine, etc. motorcycle, gardening, etc) networking (Facebook) Regularly socialize with friends (at high-end High-yield, riskier investment (e.g. mall, cafe, etc.); info and apps searching in the Popular news and information about Media: Desktop, mobile handset,THE TRENDSETTER stock, forex, corporate obligation, internet (about trend in fashion, gadget and lifestyle, fashion, gadget, tablet, magazine, etc. property, etc.) lifestyle); social networking (Twitter, Facebook, entertainment, and celebrity gossip Instagram, Foursquare, BBM, etc.) Regularly socialize with their friends (at school, Popular news and information about Limited investment (e.g. saving, Media: Desktop, mobile handset, THE FOLLOWER mall, 7-Eleven, etc.); social networking lifestyle, fashion, gadget, mutual fund, etc.) television, magazine, etc. (Twitter, Facebook and Youtube) entertainment, and celebrity gossip Actively involve in religion community (e.g. Religion-related information and Traditional investment (land, "pengajian"), ethnic community, and knowledge; Popular news (e.g. Media: Desktop, mobile handset, THE SETTLER property, gold, etc.) neighbourhood activities (e.g. RT, RW, village criminal, entertainment, celebrity television, newspaper, etc. social activities) gossip, etc.) Religion-related information and Limited investment (e.g. Saving, Regularly socialize with big family (e.g. arisan) knowledge; Popular news (e.g. Media: Desktop, mobile handset, THE FLOW-ER gold, etc.) and religion community (e.g. "pengajian") criminal, entertainment, celebrity television, newspaper, etc. gossip, etc.)