yvan gumbao jose rizal anthro30 socio6 art humanities polsci2 1987 philippine constitution culture sociology international relations state philippine history sculpture peace preamble democracy durkheim anthropology government hong kong berlin calamba igos spanish period bill of rights music elements of drama kinds of drama drama architecture subjects of painting mediums of painting painting sculptor filipino sculptor ancient india india alexander the great vedas aryans anthro31 introduction to art appreciation creating art principles of art space texture color line elements of art visual art deviance crime social control education religion influence of spanish colonization hist2 effects of spanish colonizations spanish colonization economic systems informal economy communism socialism capitalism war governement authority dictatorship power politics terrorism totalitarianism separation of powers legislative president supreme court executive judicial congress checks and balances branches of the government ethnocentrism cultural relativism cultural universals symbolic culture material culture territorial sea unclos spratly sovereignty political science people origin of state territory nation symbols characteristics of culture learned integrated shared dynamic norms mores value folkways language love independence aspirations equality brief provision of liberty broad criteria provision of sovereignty clear and definite provision of government polsc2 physical anthropology linguistic anthropology archeology cultural antrhopology field of anthropology definition globalization fieldwork international politics arms race iron curtain federal forms of government unitary parliamentary monarchy presidential aristocracy social science sociological theory theory science common sense martineau thinkers duboiss addams comte weber anthro socio socio-economic political philippines archipelago population economy bracken exile dapitan la liga filipina court martial trial luis taviel luneta bagumbayan paco cemetery execution el filibusterismo borneo project propaganda reformist second sojourn europe rizal macau japan and united states madrid voyage philosophy and letter spain medicine first sojourn ophthalmology paris grand tour in europe touch me not maximo viola noli me tangere calamba protest returned home reciprocity core principles dominance identity cold war usa ussr political philosophy dialectical process the republic socrates plato challenges romances dominicans manila university of santo tomas jesuits system of education mi primera inspiracion manila student leon monroy injustices gomburza imprisonment laguna pepe birth great britain world history heroes history heroism polsc22 ancient philosophy introduction to political philosophy governance integration and critical theory cooperation theoretical perspectives red cross icrc nineteenth century concert of europe the hague before 1919 european imperialism ios international organizations study of individual substate igo state leaders ingo mncs actors ir. international relations non-state ancient political theories medieval due process of law equal protection of the laws right to life liberty and property economic changes history of the philippines revolts article 1 national territory 1987 constitution human rights philippine constitution
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