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Automatic fat stem cell extractor yc 100

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Automatic fat stem cell extractor yc 100

  1. 1. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Automated Extraction & Culture System of Adipose-derived Stem Cells 2008.2.24-revised Dr. H.Y.Lee, Dr.H.J.Yang, KangNam Plastic Surgery Clinic, Medi-Khan(USA) Inc.
  2. 2. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Research & Trend of Stem Cell
  3. 3. 01. Bio Master의 of Adult Stem Cell Importance in Research 개요 Can Overcome Issues over Embryonic Stem Cell Research Can be Utilized as Patient-specific Stem Cell Ethical Issue Patient- Difficulty in Regulating Differentiation for Cell Therapy Required Long Time before Commercial Use Over 101 millions of world-wide patients Need world- Cell Therapy. (Perry D., Science 287, 1423, 2000) Superiority in Technological Competitiveness Can Isolate Stem Cells from Fat Tissues Current Adipose-derived Stem Cell Research Adipose- Adult Stem Cell Stays at Early Stage. So, Easier to possess Lots of adult stem cells exist in fat tissues Technological Superiority than other Research. Can forecast it as Faster Growth Industry Can Obtain Large Quantity o f Stem Cells Expected to grow by 18.5 % to 10.9 Billion Diversified Technologies in Isolating US Dollars by 2015. & Culturing Adult Stem Cells (Jain PharmaBiotech Report, 2005)
  4. 4. 01. Bio Applications of개요 Potential Master의 Adipose-derived Stem Cells The Major advantages of adipose tissues as a source of regenerative cells • High Yield : A therapeutic dose of regenerative cells can be isolated within about 1~2 hours without cell culture. Safety : Patients receive their own cells (autologous-use), so there is no risk of immune rejection or disease transmission. Versatility : Stem cells from adipose tissues can impart benefits from multiple mechanisms-of-action as pluripotent progenitor cells. Spees JL, Olson SD, Ylostalo J, et al.: Differentiation, cell fusion, and nuclear fusion during ex vivo Wound Healing repair of epithelium by human adult stem cells from bone marrow stroma. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.100:2397-2402, 2003 Kotaro Yoshimura, Katsujiro Sato, Noriyuki Aoi, Masakazu Kurita, Toshitsugu Hirohi and Plastic Surgery Kiyonori Harii : Cell-assisted lipotransfer (CAL): supportive use of human adipose-derived cells for soft tissue augmentation with lipoinjection. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 1432-5241, 2007 Dragoo, J.L., Samimi, B., Zhu, M., Hame, S.L., Thomas, B.J., Lieberman, J.R., Hedrick, M.H., and Bone & Cartilage Benhaim : P.Tissue-engineered cartilage and bone using stem cells from human infrapatellar fat pads. regeneration J. Bone Joint. Surg. Br. 85, 740, 2003. Planat-Benard, V., Menard, C., Andre, M., Puceat, M., Perez, A., Garcia-Verdugo, J.M., Penicaud, L., and Casteilla : L. Spontaneous cardiomyocyte differentiation from adipose tissue stroma cells. Neuron & Heart Circ. Res. 94, 223, 2004. regeneration Safford, K.M., Hicok, K.C., Safford, S.D., Halvorsen, Y.D., Wilkison, W.O., Gimble, J.M., and Rice, H.E.Neurogenic differentiation of murine and human adipose-derived stromal cells. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.294, 371, 2002.
  5. 5. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Necessity in Technological Development
  6. 6. 01. Bio in Technological Development I Necessity Master의 개요 Increased Autologous Fat or Stem Cell Implantation for Cosmetic or plastic Surgery Need for 1 Autologous Autogenous Stem cell Implantation for Burnt and Depressed Body Parts and Nerve Regeneration Implantation Harvesting Fat Tissues → Isolation of Stem Cells → Massive Culturing →Implantation to Patients (Autologous use) Required Massive Cell Implantation Isolation & 2 Culture Collagenase Treatment Culturing for Technology For 1~2 hrs Isolation after centrifugation, oil 10~20 days removal and washing processes It takes 2~3 hours to isolate stem cells by manual methods. Faster process is required. The existing isolation technologies require many experts with much labor cost. To utilize stem cells for treatment purpose, quantified data are needed. in vivo system : Employing the optimized environment for stem cell isolation. Required to ( Can maintain constant temperature and humidity and prevent contamination) develop Effective Reduced time of stem cell isolation, Saved Cost, Least Labor 3 Cell Isolation With optimized technology and automated isolation system, quantified data is available. Designed to be suitable for GMP facility or for production system of stem cells for cell Technology therapy.
  7. 7. 01. Bio in Technological Development II Necessity Master의 개요 Cell Banking Increased need for organ storage for autologous implantation. Trial of homogenous(Heterogeneous) implantation - Trial of cell therapy for brain, spine and heart with low immunorejection - Cell banking system is required for massively extracted and stored stem cells for cell therapy. Cell Therapy Harvest of highly concentrated After massively culturing adipose-derived stem cells, differentiation of ASCs into adypocytes, osteocytes or neurocytes for required treatment purpose. fat tissues Implantation into patients Cosmetic Surgery Isolation of Adipose- derived Stem Cells Transplantation of fat cells and ACSs for cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation, facial microinjection and wrinkle removal Showing good surgery results from ASC implantation.
  8. 8. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Current Trends in Technological Development
  9. 9. 01. BioTrends of Stem Cell Extractors Current Master의 개요 In domestic market, development technology for stem cell isolation systems is at lower level. Companies retaining technology of stem cell extraction method and system Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. Tissue Genesis, Inc. Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. Macropore Biosurgery, Inc. Biosurgery, System and method of isolation and Isolating, purifying and culturing Retaining Method and apparatus of preparation concentration of regenerative cells from method of human mesenchymal stem for tissue transplantation Technology tissues and others. PCT No.: WO 200709036 cell( hMSC) and others. PCT No. : WO 2005/012480 US Patent No.: US5827740 (Patent) Applied : June 25, 2004 Applied : July 12, 2006 Applied : July 30, 1996 Product CelutionTM TGI 1000 system, TGI 1001 system Condrogen, Osteocel Consisting of collecting chamber and Applying filtering and centrifugation With various methods, trial of processing chamber. Processing chamber simultaneously, can isolate stem cells. isolation of stem cells extracted from bone marrow. can apply filters to remove impurities Similar to Cytori’s CelutionTM from fat cell mixtures during (antigen-antibody response) centrifugation and collect stem cells. Principle As an isolation method of stem cells During Centrifugation, extraction of Isolation of a certain stem cells using Function stem cells using multi-staged filters. using filter and centrifuge, can also antigen-antibody response
  10. 10. 01. BioTechnological Trends of Bioreactor Current Master의 개요 The current technologies of Bioreactors have been world-widely developed. Commercialization of Bioreactor was made by Aastrom, an USA-based company in mid 1990. In recent time, Bioreactors with nano scale for stem culture are under research. Cellforcel, an automated bioreactor, was developed by Cell-force, a Japanese company ( In Korea, reportedly Biotron Company has developed an bioreactor for stem cell culture (
  11. 11. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Major Technologies of Medi-khan
  12. 12. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Major Technology of Medi-khan 2001 2004 2007 2010 Cell Therapy Automated Extractor system Of Stem Cells Harvesting Machine of pure fat tissues Automated Stem Cell Extractor Lipokit (YC-100) Cell Therapy System Fat Transfer Device integrating liposuction and • In 2006, development of automated centrifugation in one system • Trial of massive culturing of stem stem cell extractor. Fast & Massive Fat Transfer can be performed. cells through 3 dimensional cell • Can automatically isolate stem cells Can harvest pure, concentrated fat tissues using culturing technology. closed-circuit AFT syringes equipped with from fat tissues at fast speed. • Introduction of stem cell culturing weight-mesh piston to remove free oils and •Can separate stem cell with high yield technology to stem cell extractor is prevent contamination. rate at 37℃ . KFDA Approved (2004) w/ proprietary patent under process. •All processes are automatically made. Sales Contract with Biomaster in Japan • With fully automated system of • 1st Quality test was finished w/ Domestic Sale to Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons stem cell isolation and culture, our Domestic(15) and overseas(11) patent protected enhancing its performance. advanced technology can be applied •Pending Patent (#20-2004-0010685) – for stem cell production for cell Centrifuging unit integrating therapy. liposuction and fat injection. And other patent (Domestic 9, Overseas 9)
  13. 13. 01. Bio Master의Stem Cell Extractor(YC-100) Patents for Automated 개요 Application No. : 10-2006-0060513, Applied Date: June 30, 2006 Summary : Centrifugal device having a conical shape to move up materials on the receptor to the top layer Centrifuging Device by centrifugal force and also having a filter on the top layer of the receptor to pass only some parts of the materials through. Application No. : 10-2006-0111264, Applied Date : Nov. 10, 2006 Summary: Device & Method featured by angle control part to control a receptor angle so that Centrifuging Device & Method collected top layer fluids during centrifugation can flow down at over 90 angle. Application No. : 10-2006-0111265, Applied Date : Nov. 10, 2006 Summary: Centrifugal device & Method to exactly and easily distinguish and recover fluid layers by Centrifuging Device & Method difference of specific gravities and fluid resistance between the separated fluid materials when opening part of the container is opened after revolution body is revolved by centrifugation. Application No. : 10-2006-0111266, Applied Date : Nov. 10, 2006 Summary: Centrifugal device and method to distinguish and separate fluids by differences of large or small Centrifuging Device & Method Centrifugal forces and resulting control of revolution speed. Based on the principle that magnitude of centrifugal force by revolution speed differs between the specific components of fluid materials.
  14. 14. 01. Bio Master의Stem cell Extractor, YC-100 Technological Value of 개요 (International Search Report) MEDIKAN YC-100 CYTORI THERAPEUTICS TISSUE GENESIS
  15. 15. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Automated Stem Cell Extraction & Culture Device (YC-100)
  16. 16. 01. Bio Stem Cell Extraction & Culture Device (YC-100) Automated Master의 개요 As the 1st stage for Automated Cell Culture System, achieved at automation of whole process of stem cell extraction. With no separate work or additional process, can automatically separate stem cells at high speed with just one consecutive process for experimental or therapy purpose. Basic Specification Basic Specification External Design of YC-100 External Design of YC-100 Items Specifications Max RPM 3,000 rpm Max Capacity 2,000 ml Max centrifugal force >200g Speed preset and 구 분 1 rpm display Rotor radius of rotation 0.1 rpm range Temperature Range -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ 99 hrs 59 min 59 sec Timer And “Hold” for free run Acceleration Time 3 stage Deceleration Time 10 setting Drive system Ultra-precision Servo Drive control Programmability 100 memory RPM, RCF, Time, Temperature, Temp, Digital Display Limit, Program, Acel/Decel Power Requirements 220 V, 60 Hz, single phase, 3.0 kw Dimension 1310 W×620 D×1230 H / mm
  17. 17. 01. Bio Stem Cell Extraction & Culture Device (YC-100) Automated Master의 개요
  18. 18. 01. Bio Stem Cell Extraction & Culture Device (YC-100) Automated Master의 개요 Infusion Apparatus of Fat Tissues & Reagents • Control of infusion & discharging quantities using roller pump and pneumatic apparatus Using simultaneously operative Upper and Lower Infusion Tubes, can infuse or discharge required fat tissues or reagents even during operation. Can control temperature at the mount for Fat tissue and Reagent Container Can sense the weight of every infusion material or reagent using load-cell. Use of disposable silicon tube
  19. 19. 01. Bio Stem Cell Extraction & Culture Device (YC-100) Automated Master의 개요 Touch-Pad Monitor • Window Garbin (가빈 ?) User - Graphic User Interface + Touch Screen Key Pad : Supplementary input apparatus With employment of touch-pad monitor, can easily and simply set up required programs and operate YC-100.
  20. 20. 01. Bio Stem Cell Extraction & Culture Device (YC-100) Automated Master의 개요 Built-in Revolutionary Chamber • Chamber with non-uniform plane against centrifugal forces • Can isolate large quantity of stem cells at a time unlike the existing extractors. • Using difference of centrifugal force and gravity at each point, can collect stem cells at end of cone. • With employment of double-step tilting function to the cones, can isolate stem cells very well • Using disposable membrane within chamber, can prevent any possible contamination during isolation.
  21. 21. 01. Bio Stem Cell Extraction & Culture Device (YC-100) Automated Master의 개요 Air Handling Unit (Heating) Can control even minute temperatures using air conditioner and hot air blower Can remove contaminated materials with circulatory filtering of inner air flow.
  22. 22. 01. Bio Master의 개요 & Culture System, (YC-100) Automated Stem Cell Extraction Stroboscope Light Moving Image Camera Strobo & Moving Image Camera Synchronization of intermittent on/off timing on revolution of revolving chamber Can observe the end part of the cones of the chamber with naked eye even during high-speed revolution. Can shoot both stopped and moving images of rotor (?) using high-tech moving image camera Can observe the whole process of stem cell isolation
  23. 23. 01. Bio Master의 개요 & Culture System, (YC-100) Automated Stem Cell Extraction Other Functions of YC-100 Based on embedded CPU, employing high-end PC Graphic-based Interface for user-friendliness Earth Leakage Circuit Breaking Function Proprietary Patented Automation System
  24. 24. 01. Bio Master의 Cell extraction & Culture Efficiency Test for Stem 개요 System, YC-100 vs. Harvesting fat tissues by Lipokit (made by Manual Method: manual isolation of stem cells from Medikhan Corp.) fat tissues directly by skilled expert To minimize errors, efficiency test with only Automated Method: isolation of stem cell by YC-100 highly concentrated fat tissues having over 90% purity to be harvested by Lipokit Comparison & analysis of efficiency rates of stem cells isolated by experts and by YC-100 Collagenase treatment Analysis of over 3 times per session using same fat Separation of fat tissues by centrifuge tissues Washing by PBS buffer Testing totally over 20 sessions of efficiency rates Cell harvest Counting the number of total cells (ADSCs & fibrobast etc.) isolated from fat tissues by automatic cell Cell counting counter after staining with PI (Propidium Iodide)
  25. 25. 01. Bio Master의Cell Isolation by YC-100 Efficiency Test of Stem 개요   Manual Automated Cell number (0.1x million 9.65 10.9 140 cells/fat1cc) 120 Yield (%) 100 112.84 Isolation yield (%) 100 80 manual Automated 60 40 20 0 수동 자동 Isolation method Efficiency Rate for Stem Cell Isolation by YC-100 will be continuously tested and enhanced. Characterization (like FACS analysis, proliferation and differentiation) of isolated adipose-derived stem cells will also be identified.
  26. 26. 01. Bio Master의 of Adipose-derived stem cell (a few processes are Processing for Isolation 개요 intentionally omitted. Confidential.)
  27. 27. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Potential Prospect of YC-100
  28. 28. 01. Bio Master의 Technology Development of Culture 개요 Development of 3 Dimensional scaffolds for cell proliferation Development of scaffolds with various sizes and shapes Development of Scaffolds for Injection Based on PLLA scaffolds, mixed scaffolds with various biological synthetic materials are under development. Together with stem cell extraction & culture system, efforts for high efficiency of stem cell culture and proliferation will be continued. < In vitro proliferation test using ADSC P0 > Retaining Patents (Domestic 13, Overseas 6) 10-2002-0001131 : As an injection material, solid chitosan powder with sponge structure to be injected for human body and its production method and injection apparatus. 10-2002-0025375 : As an injection material, solid chitosan powder with sponge structure to be injected for human body and its production method 10-2002-0064189 : In Vitro Culture Method of human cells. 10-2002-0085331 : 3 dimensional cell culture method using solid powder x200 50 10-2005-0078382 : As an injection material, solid chitosan powder with sponge structure to be PLLA beads injected for human body and its production method Cell number (1X 105 cells/beads 1cc) 45 Fat scaffold 40 Dextran beads 35 10-2006-0079725 : Micro Scaffolds with non-spherical 3 dimensional stereo structure to be 30 25 produced by rapid prototyper and used for cell culture and transfer. 20 15 10-2007-0041058 : Cell culturing scaffold with increased specific gravity and its production 10 method. 5 0 initial 6h 3d 6d 10d Culture time
  29. 29. 01. Bio Master의 개요 Stem Cell Culturing System <Simulation for 3 Dimensional Stem Cell Culture >
  30. 30. 01. Bio Prospect of의 개요 Cell Extraction and Culture Device Potential Master YC-100 Stem (Extraction of Stem Cell + Bioreactor + Cell therapy) Exploitation of Cell Therapy Cell Banking Business Medikhan Biomaster (Japan) Development of automated Clinical Research using Stem Cells Stem Cell Extraction & Culture Device Dreaming of Future High-tech Bio Business
  31. 31. 01. Bio Master의 개요 FDA regulation on HCT/P’s
  32. 32. 01. Bio Master의 개요 FDA regulation on HCT/P’s
  33. 33. 01. Bio Master의 개요 THANK YOU