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Keynote Speaker _ Kanai san.pptx

  1. 1. © 2020 FUJISOFT INCORPORATED. All rights reserved. 2021-4-6 All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament Takeshi Kanai Introduction of robot sumo ロボット相撲について
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  7. 7. © 2020 FUJISOFT INCORPORATED. All rights reserved. MEASUR ES 2 Categori es AUTONOM US RADIO CONTROL EASY RULES Objective sensor White line sensor magnet blade magnet blade controller Edge(50) Unit: mm StartLin e Diamenter Cold Material Sheet Plate Dohyo face Matte Black StartLine Dark brown matte Edge of the ring White Illuminance 500 lux or more 1,540 mm Not a defeat. Dohyo Collapse Not a defeat. Touch loses Outside
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  12. 12. © 2020 FUJISOFT INCORPORATED. All rights reserved. EXE3 (I used a vacuum cleaner) GOAHEAD (Blade is harder) TMR-T5 (Powerful magnet over 800 kg) Toyama Technical High School (Recent mainstream arm type) Dohyo surface: Hard rubber (linoleum) Dohyo surface: changed to steel plate (SPCC) - 11 - Participate in Tournament 5 3 3 15 18 25 23 24 32 65 64 63 66 60 121 469 738 740 767 874 931 107811561205 147 199 336 448 1,228 1,401 1,185 1,425 1,578 1,965 2,388 2,493 2,465 2,490 1,924 1,717 1,758 1,568 1,595 1,474 1,454 1,186 1,311 1,166 1,294 1,250 1,178 1,314 1,291 1,054 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 1 S T 2 N D 3 R D 4 T H 5 T H 6 T H 7 T H 8 T H 9 T H 1 0 T H 1 1 T H 1 2 T H 1 3 T H 1 4 T H 1 5 T H 1 6 T H 1 7 T H 1 8 T H 1 9 T H 2 0 T H 2 1 S T 2 2 N D 2 3 R D 2 4 T H 2 5 T H 2 6 T H 2 7 T H 2 8 T H 2 9 T H 3 0 T H International Domestic ※ Examination by the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament secretariat Recently, it has expanded all over the world in 10 years. Robot technology: ▲ Sucker type improves sticking power ▲ Telephone card blades are now available ▲ The blade changes to feather ▲ Change from a powerful pump to a magnet ▲ Strengthen safety rules ▲ "5 engineer spirits" established
  13. 13. © 2020 FUJISOFT INCORPORATED. All rights reserved. ALL JAPAN ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT 2019 DECEMBER 17th. ★Turkey ★ Ecuador Brazil ★ ★Mexico ★USA ★Rumania ★Mongol (Lithuania、Latvia、Estonia) ★ ★Colombia ★Spain Peru ★ Certificated Tournaments On the World INTERNATIONAL ROBOT-SUMO TOURNAMENT 2019 ★Canada ★China ★Poland Paraguay ★ Chile★ Indonesia★ ★ Argentine ★Congo EUROPE Lithuania: *Baltic Robot-Sumo(24-25 March, Vilnius) Romania: *Robochallenge (3-5 Nov, Bucharest ) *BattleLab Robotica. (6-7 May, Cluj-Napoca) Poland: *European Robot Challenge(13th May Opole, Poland) Spain: *ROBOLID (26-29 Apr,Valladolid) Events without confirmation ~D.R of Congo ~Chile EUROASIA Turkey: *MEB Robot Competition(10-12 May, Konya city) SOUTHEAST Indonesia: *All Indonesia FSI Tournament(28-29 Oct, Bandung ) NORTH AMERICA Canada: *ROBOWARS (10-11 March, Montreal) United States: *RoboGames(21-23 Apr, Pleasanton, CA) Mexico: *Campus Party (5-9 July Guadalajara, JAL) *Robochallenge México (29-2 July Poza Rica, VER) *4ta Competencia de robótica [Mecamex] (Oct, León,GTO) *Robot Rumble (17-1 9 May, Chignahuapan, PUE) *Expo Robots y Tecnología (26-27 Aug,CDMX) *Robolympics ITESM (Nov, León,GTO) *Robo Fest Mexico (to be confirmed) *Robomatrix Mexico (to be confirmed) SOUTH AMERICA Colombia: *Runibot (19-21 Apr, Bogota) *UDITECH (Sep, Bucaramanga) Ecuador: *Robot Games Zero Latitud(17-20 May, Quito) Peru: *Untelstronics (to be confirmed) Brazil: *Robocore Winter Challenge (to be confirmed) *Robobatalla (6-9 July, São Paulo) Paraguay: *Feria de Ciencias y Tecnologia (20-22Sep, Asuncion) Argentina: *Competencia Bahia Blanca ( 11th November, Buenos Aires) ASIA Mongolia: *Robocon Society(September, Ulaan Baatar) China: *Robotchallenge (4-6 August, Beijing) Malaysia★ Thailand★
  14. 14. © 2020 FUJISOFT INCORPORATED. All rights reserved. Robot Sumo is The best teaching materials to learn robotics Thank you

Notas del editor

  • 皆さん、こんにちは。私は富士ソフト 全日本ロボット相撲大会副委員長の金井健です。
    Hello everyone. I´m Takeshi Kanai Vice-President of Fujisoft´s "All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament".
    Today I am going to introduce my company. Which is organizing All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament.
  • 富士ソフトでは、社会インフラ、通信、機械制御などへの組込テクノロジーから、最先端の業務系ソリューション。
    FUJISOFT offers leading-edge business system solutions from technologies embedded in social infrastructure, communications, machine control, etc.

    それらのノウハウを活かした自社プロダクトサービスまで幅広い技術力を提供しています。 We provide a wide range of technical capabilities, including in-house products and services that make use of those know-how.
    受託開発で培った先進の技術力、開発力で、お客様の付加価値向上に貢献しています。 FUJISOFT uses AI, IoT, SECURITY, CLOUD, ROBOT, MOBILE, and AUTOMOTIVE technologies
    Called AIS-CRM (ice cream) technology, as an innovation company
    We contribute to increasing the added value of our customers with our advanced technological and development capabilities cultivated through contract development.
  • ICTで日々進化し続ける世界へグローバルネットワークを活かし、新たなビジネス創出に向けて
    Toward a world that is constantly evolving with ICT Utilizing our global network to create new businesses
    FUJISOFT will continue to "challenge and create".
  • ロボット相撲は、今から、32年前に野澤宏という偉大な人の発想から生まれました。
    The robot sumo competition was born 32 years ago from the idea of a great person: Mr. Hiroshi Nozawa.
    The idea has been adopted as the best robotics teaching material in the world, from Japan to overseas. 

  • ロボット相撲は、1990年から始まり、1993年から高校の部が発足し、日本の工業高校にはなくてはならないロボット競技となり、
    Robot sumo began in 1990.
    And in Japan, the high school tournament was established in 1993, and it has become an indispensable robot competition for Japanese Technical High Schools. The competition became the best robotics teaching materials for the knowledge of  high school students. 
  • この競技が世界へ広がったもう一つ理由。世界中で、だれもが知っている「相撲」という競技であるから。
    The reason why this competition has spread to the world is because everyone in the world knows Japanese “SUMO" competition. 
    And it is said that this is done by a robot. So, anyone can imagine easily a robot sumo competition.

  • ロボット相撲ってどのようなものでしょう。What is robot sumo?
  • ロボット 相撲は、 6つのパーツから構成されているとてもシンプルな構成のものです。Robot Sumo is a very simple structure consisting of 6 parts.
  • ロボット相撲に必要な技術力は、ハードウェアデザイン、エレクトロニクス、プログラムとロボティクスのために総合的な技術が必要です。
    The technical capabilities required for robot sumo require comprehensive technology for hardware design, electronics, programming and robotics.
  • 私は、ロボット相撲大会を継続するために、とても大切な5つの言葉を作りました。

    みなさんも参考にしていただけたら嬉しいです。 I made five very important words to continue the robot sumo tournament.

    I would be grateful if you could refer to it as well.
  • ロボット相撲は、32年間の歴史の中で、様々に変化を遂げてきました。
    Robot sumo had many changes during its 32 years of history.
    This graph shows the current number of participant robots.
    And the pictures shown here are the Robots Type changes in Japan. 

    初めにバキュームシステム。First the vacuum system.

    Blade style as a countermeasure.
    我々は環境を変えました。土俵を鋼板へ。We have changed the environment. Dohyo to the steel plate.

    We have started the low speed style of super strong magnets and further speed and power up.
    Robots that have evolved to that extent also have a weakness called the corner.

    An arm blade robot that attacks that corner.
    Robot sumo created new innovations by cultivating technical skills from ideas and failures. 
    I will create this opportunity forever with you.
  • こうして育ってきたロボット相撲は自然発生的に世界中へと広がりました。
    皆さん。ぜひ、世界のトップロボット相撲選手が集まるAll Japan Robot Sumo Tournament Grand Finalを目指て頑張ってください。
    The robot sumo that grew up in this way spontaneously spread all over the world.
    Please do your best to aim for the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament Grand Final, where the world's top robot sumo players gather.
    We are waiting for you in Japan.
  • ロボット相撲はロボティクスの基礎基本を学ぶ最高の教材です。
    Robot sumo is the best teaching materials to learn robotics basics.

    にお招きいただいたMr.Zamzuri Hassanに心からお礼とWEBINARの成功を祈ります。
    Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Zamzuri Hassan for inviting me to INTERNATINAL WEBINAR ROBOTIC TECHNOLOGY IN THE ERA IR4.0 and pray for the success of WEBINAR.
    Thank you for today.