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Project Management for Hackathon, CMU-Q

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This is a very short presentation given to students at Carnegie Mellon University on Project Management for a Hackathon.

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Project Management for Hackathon, CMU-Q

  1. 1. The Project Management Stuff How to manage your project for Hackathon, and how to take it forward after that. ! Zaid Haque, @zaidhaque
  2. 2. Outline • • • Project Management style - SCRUM Your presentation Post-hackathon
  3. 3. SCRUM • “Agile” methodology - for dynamic projects with changing requirements • • • • SCRUM Master Product Owner Development Team Carry out a number of “Sprints”
  4. 4. Sprint • • • A type of “iteration” Review of app happens at end of sprint Future sprints are basically refinements
  5. 5. Project Management experiences Previous hackathon participants?
  6. 6. Your demo • • 3 minutes long • Tell them all the good stuff and bad stuff as well • Loud and clear so everyone can hear! Tell the judges about your app, the process you used to develop it
  7. 7. Future..? • • Don’t stop developing! • Find potential stakeholders who would be interested, or put your product online • Your mentors would love to help and guide you even after the Hackathon. Use Hackathon to create a functional prototype, and refine it afterwards.