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The birth of art

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The big bang of the modern mind around 40,000 years ago coincides with the birth of art, totemism, and "theory of mind". All this is suggestive that our minds seek to recreate beings "in our own image" that look like us, think like us, and behave like us - the robots and androids of science fiction, and of science...

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The birth of art

  1. 1. Photo by a_kep - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck
  2. 2. @zarkadakis   In  Our  Own  Image   Will  Ar'ficial  Intelligence  Save  or  Destroy  Us?       The  “Birth  of  Art  and  the  Emergence  of  the  Modern   Mind”  are  discussed  in  George  Zarkadakis  book  “In   Our  Own  Image”,  published  in  the  UK  by  Rider  Books.     The  book  is  available  in  bookstores  and  on  Amazon.             Author’s  page: