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Ports development in myanmar

Ports Development in Myanmar (BURMA) together with the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and supply base options for Myanmar Oil and Gas Offshore Industry

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Ports development in myanmar

  1. 1. 1 1 Zaw Naing Managing Director, Mandalay Technology Director, Royal HaskoningDHV (Myanmar) Myanma Oil and Gas Services Society (MOGSS)
  2. 2. 2 14 October 2014 New Oil & Gas Awards in Myanmar Possible Timeline - PSC Contract Signing may be end of this year, 2014. - Then, EIA and SIA , etc. - Exploration is expected to be after the 2015 Monsoon, i.e., after Oct 2015 Myanmar PortsMyanmar PortsMyanmar PortsMyanmar Ports Port Region/StatePort Region/State Yangon YangonYangon Yangon Sittwe Kyaukpyu Rakhine Thandwe Sittwe Kyaukpyu Rakhine Thandwe Pathein AyeyarwadyPathein Ayeyarwady Mawlamyine MonMawlamyine Mon Dawei Myeik Tanintharyi Kawthoung Dawei Myeik Tanintharyi Kawthoung KAWTHOUNG DAWEI MYEIK MAWLAMYINE YANGON PATHEIN THANDWE KYAUKPYU SITTWE
  3. 3. 3 YANGON THILAWA PORT AREA ELEPHANT pt. River port and Premier port of Myanmar • Yangon Port to Thilawa Port - 16 Km • Yangon Port to Elephant Point- 32 Km • ElephantPoint to Pilot Station- 32 Km • All vessels calling to the Yangon Port, pilotage is compulsory if they are over 200 GRT. • Tidal Range (The average tidal range ) about 19.3 feet (5.85 m) at spring tide about 8.4 feet (2.55 m) at neap tide • CurrentVelocity - 4 to 6 knots • Wave - do not hinder marine operations - seldom rough with less than (2m) wave-height. Yangon Port & River Estuary AWPT ICD I & II HOB Monkey Point International Wharf - 18 Inland Container Depot (ICD) - 3 Location of Terminals and ICD at Yangon InnerLocation of Terminals and ICD at Yangon Inner HarbourHarbourLocation of Terminals and ICD at Yangon InnerLocation of Terminals and ICD at Yangon Inner HarbourHarbour HPT
  4. 4. 4 vuf½SdoDv0gqdyfurf;ta INNERBAR YANGON YANGON RIVER BAGO RIVER Liffey SECONDARY CHANNEL Chokey pt. THILAWA PORT AREA Kyauktan Creek THANTE EASTEN GROVE FLATS -5 -3 -10 ELEPHANT pt. OUTER BAR Main Channel d Silva Pt. N MITTMIPL International Wharves at Thilawa International wharves o Yangon Port - 18 wharves o Thilawa Port - 6 wharves Total - 24 wharves International WharvesInternational Wharves
  5. 5. 5 Future Port Development Plan Future Port Development at Yangon Inner Harbour Area
  6. 6. 6 11 Conceptual Plan for Yangon Port at Dala and King Bank Foreshore Area 1650 m 1000 m 150 acre 4450 m 1390 m 1250 m 1250 m Total 2470 acre 12
  7. 7. 7 Conceptual Plan for Yangon Port at Elephant Point Foreshore Area (Dala) (Yangon) (Lat Khote Kone) (Thilawa) 14 Conceptual Plan for Yangon Port at Elephant Point Foreshore Area
  8. 8. 8 YANGON THILAWA PORT Inner Bar Outer Bar Yangon River AccessYangon River Access ChannelChannel ELEPHANT POINT Available water depth at Inner Bar near Monkey Point below chart datum is about 4.5m and at Outer Bar near Elephant Point is only about 5m. Two constraint areas (shallow water area) •Inner Bar and • Outer Bar Restricting of the size and draft of vessel o All vessels generally sailing on flood tides and crossing to both Inner Bar and Outer Bar at near high tide. Waiting flood tide means delay time. o Daily maintenance dredging at Inner bar and reallocation of navigation buoys at Outer bar. o Yangon Port can be accessible to vessel of 167m LOA, 9m draft, 15,000 DWT and vessel of 200m LOA, 9m draft, 20,000 DWT at Thilawa Port. Improvement of Yangon River Access Channel and Its Associated Port Facilities
  9. 9. 9 17 Port Expansion at Thilawa Area Thilawa area located 16 km downstream of Yangon Port Thilawa Port YANGON Thilawa Port
  10. 10. 10 37 Plots 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 35 36 34 1 37 3 Container / G.C Terminal Fuel Oil Terminal Bitumen Terminal Grain / G.C Terminal Ship Breaking Yard MPA/ JICA ODA Reserved 12/3 Plots Total 37 Plots 10 Plots 101/3 Plots 1 Plot 5 Plots 4 Plots 5 Plots 1 o 37 plots o Each plot: 15 hectares ( acres) (200m x 750m ) Dawei SEZ together with Deep Sea Port in the South Kyaukpyu Deep Sea Port at Rakhine State in the West Kalagauk Deep Sea Port, between Mawlamyine and Ye Region at in the South Coast. Westport Deep Sea Port at Ngayoke Bay, Ayeyarwaddy Region DEEP SEA PORT PROJECTS IN MYANMAR Dawei Kyauk Phyu Kalagauk Ngayo ke Bay
  11. 11. 11 DAWEI Location Lies at Nabule Area, north-west of Dawei Town. Geographical Position 13 H 48'.5 N, 98 H 04' E Approach channel LAD 15 m, Tide Range 5m Habour Area LAD 15 m Sea Room 3.2 Km Prosperity  DaweiArea as a hub connecting to GMS, South and South East Asia countries.  Industry, Tourism, Fisheries, Mining and Energy Dawei Nabule Dawei Deep Sea Port ProjectDawei Deep Sea Port Project
  12. 12. 12 Dawei Deep Sea Port ProjectDawei Deep Sea Port Project Dawei Deep Sea Port Project  94 % of the Construction of Project Supply Jetty COMPLETE.  Main jetty (100 m x 25 m) ; the approach jetty (53 mx7m)  Accommodative: Container 400 TEU and water Depth (Apron) 8 m.  MPA and ITD Co., Ltd will sign Sectorial Agreement to implement Deep Sea Port in Dawei SEZ. Construction of Small Port
  13. 13. 13 Location Made Island., 11.2 km S/E of Kyaukphu Geographical Position 19 H 22'.6 N, 93 H 40'.8 E Approach channel LAD 24 m, Tidal Range 2~2.7m HabourArea LAD 20 m, Sea Room 1000 m ~ 1600 m Prosperity o Most appropriate approach to cope western corridor. o Save sailing distance about 5000 Km compare with existingsea route through Malacca Strait to China East Coast. o Main Outlet of ocean route for land locked regions' trade. o Opportunity for transporting of Container, General Cargoes, Crude Oil and Gas. o Shortest trade route from India to China. Kyaukpyu Deep Sea Port ProjectKyaukpyu Deep Sea Port Project Kyaukpyu Made Is. Sittwe 26
  14. 14. 14 27 o In June 2009, the MOU signed for the Development, Operation and Management of the Myanmar Crude Oil Pipe Line Project between the Myanmar Government and CNPC. o Estimated Investment : over US$ 2.0 billions. o Oil and gas terminal completed. o Work-boat Wharf completed. o Pipeline Completed. Development of Oil and Gas Pipe Lines and Terminal at Kyaukphyu Region
  15. 15. 15 Workboat Wharf was completed on 31 August, 2010. Crude Oil Terminal was completed in May, 2013, and can accommodate oil tankers of DWT 300,000 vessel with a draft of 26 meter, LOA 300 meter and 60 meter width. Kyaukphyu Oil and Gas Terminal Renovation of Kyaukphyu No.1 old Jetty (MPA): 2011 Construction of Kyaukphyu No.3 Jetty (MPA) : 2013.
  16. 16. 16 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T1 - 6 Nos T2 - 10 Nos T3 - 3 Nos T4 - 1 No T5 - 1 No T6 - 2 Nos T7 - 2 Nos T8 - 10 Nos T9 - 6 Nos Location of Potential Site 9 Places to implement Deep Sea Ports in Kyaukphyu 32
  17. 17. 17 Kalagauk Deep Sea Port  MoU Signed for FS to develop deep sea port and related infrastructure at Kalagauk Area, between the MPA and the Emerald Grand Hotel. Co.,Ltd in August, 2013.  Geo-strategic location being connected with East-West Economic Corridor within GMS and ASEAN region and North- South Economic Corridor within China and ASEAN. Kalagauk Kalagauk Island Andaman Sea Kalagauk Deep Sea Port
  18. 18. 18 Westport Deep Sea Port  MoU Signed for a Feasibility Study and Preparation of Master Plan to develop deep sea port and related infrastructure at Ngayok Bay Area, between the MPA and the Super Axis Development Co., Ltd in August, 2013. NGAYOK BAY 14 October 2014 36 Oil & Gas Block Map and Offshore Suply Base in Myanmar Currently, 3 Offshore Supply Bases (OSB) in Myanmar: - Tharkayta OSB in Yangon - Kanbauk OSB in Dawei - Kyauk Phyu OSB NEW OSB(s) Needed!
  19. 19. 19 14 October 2014 37 Offshore Supply Base in Yangon - Existing Supply base Near Yangon - Allowable draft for vessel 5m - Newly built pontoon jetty Investment Opportunities oPublic Investment o100% Investment under Build, Operate and Transfer basic by Foreign and/or Local Investors. oJoint-Venture between MPA and Foreign and/or local Investors. oGrant aids or soft loan financed by international financial institute.
  20. 20. 20 Conclusion o For Myanmar offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, a remaining question is about the ports for servicing the industry. The country’s existing ports are too small and shallow for most modern needs. o The deep sea port development projects together with the special economic zones (SEZ) developments in Dawei, Kyauk Phyu, West Coast, and Maw La Myaing / Kalagauk are taking time. o INVESTORS for Supply Base are NEEDED URGENTLY! o Myanmar Government’s approval for those Supply Base Development Proposals are Strongly Encouraged! Thank You. Zaw Naing Managing Director, Mandalay Technology Director, Royal HaskoningDHV (Myanmar) Unit 7, Building 1, MICT Park Hlaing Township, YANGON. Tel/ Fax: 01-652285 ~ 86