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Reduce Risks in Large Implementations

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Paradigm shifts are harder to implement. Failures come from various resources; human, technology, money and time, Attention to details at microscope level and broader vision at periscope level reduce risks. Always employ build and smoke techniques, arrange weekly calls with all project managers, publish meeting notes, conduct Steering Comittee Meetings, generate Earned Value Analysis Reports along with performance charts to be distributed to all stakeholders

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Reduce Risks in Large Implementations

  1. 1. Implementation Blues 2000 Proper Resources, Money and Time
  2. 2. Ready? • Vendors, Providers, Customers Site Visits, Users Group Meetings • Dedicated Team Members, Defined Roles (RACI) • Subject Matter Experts/Consultants • Detailed Enough Contract Deliverables, Payments, SLA, Dispute • Right Sizing, Business Analysis, Requirements (SPEC) • Migration Plans, Data Conversion and Analysis • Proof of Concept, Integration, Test Scenarios • Program Management – Functional Teams for ea module – Change Management – Project Management Tools – SCM Meeting, Weekly Status Calls, Reports – Closing
  3. 3. Sabotage? • Poor Language, Knowledge, Attitude • Missing Written Communication • Lack of Project Office • Poor Timing on Deliverables • Incomplete Training and Measurements • Postponed Discussions/Decisions • Late Off-site, On-Site Support