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Where have you gone, social media...

Why I think we forgot what is important in social media. Presentation for E-Marketing Day, Katowice, 11th June 2016

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Where have you gone, social media...

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA, Social Media, rly?
  2. 2. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA,  People will be closer to each other  The world is finally connected  We head towards the new prosperity – world harmony  World, where it is much easier to get the wide range of information  We will have to master brand new skills The world will be a better place
  3. 3. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA,  Social Media...?  Internet...?  NO. This was written 150 years ago. About telegraph. The world will be a better place
  5. 5. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA,  remember BECAUSE these were social media campaings? And how many you remember because the idea behind was brilliant, there was a perfect copy, interesting plot or cats? How many campaigns...
  6. 6. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA, In 2007  I was in charge of on-line communication in Czech mBank  No Facebook, no Twitter... just blog & discussion forum  But the community was real: because we CARED  My role was soon more focused INSIDE the company to change the stuff we were asked to change
  7. 7. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA,  Is it smart usage of FB Ads so you sell shitload of goods?  Is it hitting 10k likes on a single picture (without cats)?  Is it replying to hundreds enquiries on FB / Messenger?  Guys, is this really SOCIAL MEDIA? So what exactly is „successful social media today”?
  8. 8. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA, But the reality is even worse
  9. 9. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA,  Do people believe in user reviews? Lets fake them!  Influencers? Bribe them! Negative comments? Hide them!  Cool user generated content? Free for brands to use!  And actually... Big media is still important as before Empowered consumer, rly?
  10. 10. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA,  Is your company / client „social devoted”? This does not mean „five minutes reaction time”, wake up.  Do the people in management want to know what customers and employees really think?  Do the marketing people know A LOT about product, including all the skeletons in the closet? Aim high shoot low
  11. 11. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA, You don't need a guru
  12. 12. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA,  Metro: looking for a butcher-blogger  Real employee with a credit from foodies  On-line and off-line meeting at once  Human touch for a corporation A Story That Never Happened
  13. 13. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA, Whom you really need?  Customer Care with empathy  Sales which is creative  Marketing that does not bullshit  PR open and honest  C-level management that can be reached  Employees of all levels loving the company they work for  All of them should be your social media workforce
  14. 14. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA, The New Buzzword
  15. 15. SCHOOL OF NEW MEDIA,  Adam Zbiejczuk  Social media consultant, co-owner, organizer, founder, ROI Hunter brand ambassador      | +420736779920 | Hate me now, hire me later