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Presentation skills

Presentation of my workshop (skills required for presentation, by zeeshan moiez ali

love u Pakistan :)

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Presentation skills

  1. 1. Presentation SkillsConcepts Essentials Effectiveness
  2. 2. My Favorite Quote “The human brain is a wonderful organ. It starts to work as soon as you are born and doesnt stop until you get up to deliver a speech” George Jessel
  3. 3. My Favorite Quote“Mind Never Impress Human; It is the Result of Mind that Impress” Walter Bagehot
  4. 4. “Presentation”
  5. 5. PresentationA Human Act or behavior to show, demonstrate, publicly speak, deliver, instruct or forward the Prize, Reward, information, data, proposal etc i.e. using mode of communication and it is easily understandable by one or more then one person.
  6. 6. What is Presentation??? A presentation is the preparation and delivery of essential information in a logical, concise manner leading to productive results.
  7. 7. Presentation Skills = Communication +Publicly Speaking
  8. 8. Types of Presentation Persuasive (Convincing) Informative Briefing Instructional Introductory
  9. 9. Essentials for Presentations Objective Why making this presentation?? Focus of Presentation Problem and Solution Outline and Goals
  10. 10. Essentials for Presentations Analyze Your Audience Level of Audience listening U?? Expectations of Audience?? Level of Knowledge… Creating relationship
  11. 11. Essentials for Presentation Presentation Planning Outline, Title, Purpose Delivery Body Content Discussion and Questioning Time measurement Conclusion
  12. 12. Essentials for Presentation Required Resource Material Stories, Charts, Graphics, Product samples, Videos, Reports, notes, transparencies etc Equipments (projector, multimedia), Venue.
  13. 13. Essentials for Presentation Speaker’s Preparation Voice and Language use Body Language, Dress code, Eye Contact
  14. 14. Essentials for Presentation Practice and Evaluate In Front of Mirror In Bathroom In garden or Roof Before next person.
  15. 15. "Half the world is composed of people whohave something to say and cant; the other half have nothing to say and keep saying it." Anonyms
  16. 16. Effectiveness In Presentation Connecting With Your Audience Body Language
  17. 17. Effectiveness In Presentation Psychology of Speaking Tentative and Confident
  18. 18. Effectiveness In Presentation Cultural Aspects Surrounding Environment
  19. 19. Dos & Don’ts of a Presentation Things to be avoid.
  20. 20. Dos & Don’ts of a PresentationJumping Straight into your speech. Stick with Slides or Dice
  21. 21. Dos & Don’ts of a PresentationWalking around the stage with no purpose.
  22. 22. Dos & Don’ts of a Presentation Use abbreviations or technical terms.
  23. 23. Dos & Don’ts of a PresentationTo many Table, Figures & Graphs. Eating during presentation
  24. 24. Dos & Don’ts of a Presentation Learning Points.
  25. 25. Dos & Don’ts of a Presentation Use Greetings & Quotes.
  26. 26. Dos & Don’ts of a PresentationUse KISS (Keep it short and simple).
  27. 27. Dos & Don’ts of a Presentation Use ethical Jokes and Distiches.
  28. 28. Dos & Don’ts of a PresentationControl your time and use minimum details on slides.
  29. 29. Dos & Don’ts of a Presentation Don’t Be a Parrot.Don’t look Roof ceiling or floor.
  30. 30. Dos & Don’ts of a PresentationDoing Visual Aids and Resources for your Presentation.
  31. 31. Professional Appearance Well Groomed Formal Outfit then Audience Simple colors and comfortable outfits Appear likeable and approachable
  32. 32. Professional Appearance Manage Nervous Energy Maintain good posture and face expression Focus on all part of room
  33. 33. Professional Appearance Greeting Audience Look over the head of audience Maintain Positive and relaxed attitude Don’t laugh continuously
  34. 34. ConclusionDefineConceptEssentialsEffectivenessDos and Don’tsProfessional Appearance Zeeshan Moiez Ali (MPA-HR, D. IT, Cert. HR, LLB I) (MPA-