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Free image sources_for_feds from Michele Bartram

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Compiled by the Federal Web Content Managers and added to by the CollabFest members

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Free image sources_for_feds from Michele Bartram

  1. 1. IMAGE RESOURCES FOR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WEB AND PRINT DESIGNERS<br />IMPORTANT! Always check the copyright and usage information for these image sites.<br />Always ensure Section 508 compliance – it’s the law!<br />From Federal Web Content Managers Forum and Michele Bartram, <br />A. PRIVATE FREE SOURCES<br />Creative Commons<br />Used by the White House and other federal agencies as well as private companies, Creative Commons is a great source of citizenry photography and art. Images are posted by the creator and a license is chosen, from a simple Attribution license that allows anyone else to download it including for commercial purposes so long as proper attribution is given on the finished work to the most restrictive license which doesn’t allow commercial use. <br />As an agency, you need to choose which license type you want to use and follow the attribution instructions on the web page or printed document in which you are using the image. <br />The National Archives, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, and NASA participate in the Creative Commons and have their own Flickr photostreams.<br />Public image free library<br />Jupiter Images, royalty free imagery<br />Microsoft Office Online Clip Art, images and media – generally royalty free.<br />Does Wikipedia have clip art? Yes, Wikipedia has lots royalty free and copyrighted material.<br />Royalty Free Icons and Clipart Stock Images<br />Free Flash files (ensure 508 compliance)<br />Where can I find satellite images? <br />Where can I find pictures of flags? World Flag Database    Flags of the World    <br />Flash Interactivity basics<br />B. PRIVATE FEE-BASED IMAGE SOURCES<br />Where can I find high end professional photos and clip art for purchase? Try a stock image collections like iStock and Getty Images. Check to see if they are authorized for purchase card.<br />C. GOVERNMENT FREE IMAGE SOURCES<br />U.S. Government Photos and Images<br /><br />Dept of Education Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)<br /> Has photos, videos, original documents by topic<br />Library of Congress Digital Collections<br /> <br />National Archives<br />National Science Foundation<br />Where can I find maps? Site with many links to map sources   <br />National Library of Medicine<br />Where can I find VA Media?<br />Where can I find Military (veterans) Clip Art?    <br />VA Public Affairs Resources (intranet)<br />Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System<br />This list is a compiled list of suggestions from media specialists from several federal agencies. It is your responsibility to confirm the validity of the source material and to ensure 508 compliance when using them. DefenseLink (click on Photos/Videos) Army Women’s Museum<br />Where can I find other military photographs?DoD Joint Combat Camera Center  DoD News Photos Air Force  Army Corps of Engineers Digital Visual Library of Military History<br />